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Friday Finale 06.27.08

Trent in usual form


Witty Wednesday 06.25.08

Trent talks the BET Awards, Constipation and shutting a hater down on the spot and maintaining true to yourself.

Witty Wednesday 06.25.08

Hey kids - the show will be up by noon!
Sorry for the delay!!! Lots of stuff going on!!! Great things!!!


Monday Memo 06.23.08

Trent talks The Abbey and his night on the town with Deion.


Witty Wednesday 06.18.08

A Usual Roller-coaster Ride With Trent

New Music Tuesday: Chante Moore

It was the stroking of the guitars that put me at ease over the first few bars of the song. It was the refreshing familiarity of that crisp, mellow, smooth voice (which has been well preserved) that’s never going anywhere.

"Oh my lord have I waited for this day" ran through my head as I woke up this morning (In the words of the great Whitney Houston in her diva duel with my favorite tranny “friend in my head” Wendy Williams.) Five Albums later, a 9-year solo hiatus – Chante Moore returns! But after it got what I wanted, I could have kept waiting…for a quality CD that is.

There is no doubt that Chante is one of my favorite artists. Her voice is calming, refreshing, soothing - something remnant of a soft summer breeze that could warm up a brisk winter day and she did exactly that on her opening song, a Nancy Wilson cover, “Guess who I saw today,” from her new CD “Love The Woman.”

I was more than excited when I heard Chante was recording a solo disc of new material. Not that I haven’t been pleased with her latest works with Kenny Lattimore (I must say that Kenny & Chante are my favorite Hollywood couple) but I was eagerly awaiting her follow-up to her 1999 “Exposed” CD which boasted great songs like Straight Up, Love’s Still Alright and Better Than Makin’ Love.

After a full and thorough play through of this CD five times I came up with this: Something is missing. And what I think is missing is proper direction. It was as if someone gave her some songs and said sing – and she did that. The great thing about Mrs. Moore-Lattimore is that she is a great singer and she can make “Jingle Bells” sound like an earth shattering eargasm which is what she did on another fantastic cover, Minnie Ripperton’s “Give Me Time.”

What I like about best about Chante is that she actually uses her voice, the range, the richness, and the quirks. She never sells out for mass appeal – which could work against you as I feel it did in this case.

The overall problem with this CD is not the voice, not the production, not the lyrics, but the vision and the direction of the CD. There is no way that you can ever mix a Jazz (like straight throwback Jazz, some Billie Holiday type shit, not Marcus Miller), Adult Contemporary and Urban/Soul sound and expect for it to flow. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take something away from it. What is clear is that there were too many hands in this pot and luckily it doesn’t fall on Chante.

My favorite track is “Always Gonna Be Something,” primarily because Chante believed what she was singing and her intense passion was present just as it was on all of her other past works, but it also helps that the lyrics are motivational and it humanizes Chante 100%.
Other standout tracks are: It Ain’t Supposed to be this way, Guess Who I saw Today, Do For You (I love the sprinkle of Yearning For Your Love), Give Me Time.

Even though I am not 100% satisfied with the disc I am very grateful for it – I am eagerly waiting on a live concert and anything she does from here on out. If you’re a Chante Moore fan the CD is a must. If you’re just getting into Chante Moore – This is not the CD to get if you want to get a full frontal of her package, checkout Precious (her debut) and This Moment is Mine (her third) you’ll appreciate her and this CD more!



But I am Tonight...

I didn’t count the time in between. I wasn’t really keeping track. But the last time wasn’t anything memorable, so why hold on to something that you didn’t need? Just like that piece of paper with his number on it. The one you’re never going to use because boys in this age like texting everything.

What happened to the days of getting guys number and stay on the phone all night, till both of you had to be up for work. Only then you realized it was only an hour before you had to get up?

“Whassup?” the text message read.

When I read that I immediately knew what it mean.

“15” my response.

Between my shower and air dry – cocoa butter lotion applied.

“The door will be open”

I headed down Crenshaw the long way – ignoring the drama that goes on Sunday night with all of the niggas and their new cars and beats bumping speed racing to an endless seam of stoplights that led me to Wilshire Blvd.

Janet Jackson bumping at 9:45 at night. Blueberry Kush left my body. Dick on stiff. I locked my door. Walked up the stairs to Apartment 11. Door open.
It was cleaner that usual. New furniture. It had been since last summer almost, since I had seen him.

Lights on.
Dim hallway.
Soft room.

More muscular than the last.

Lying on his stomach.

I gently got on the bed, not allowing him to move. The smell of soap was heavy like it had been sprayed from a can to disguise an unsavory smell that was there before.
I dived down, spreading him eagle – tongue throbbing against the moistness of a dark place that I had discovered before, but not really. Pulsing, swimming deeper than I had before – turned him on more than he had ever been before. He wanted it just as bad as I did. He remembered what it was like when he was at home – wasn’t on tour.

Turned over. He looked at me in the eye. Shot up twice and his tongue met mine. It was the same look he had when I looked him in the eye the first time.

A swirled my tongue around it. Only after a flicker to the navel sent him back, but this time on his back, legs over my shoulders…in my face the way I like it.

He wanted it.
He handed it to me.
It shocked me. Just like that. I was in.

“You know I don’t do it like this. But I am tonight.”

Funny how he never did it, but the lube and the magnum that I thought I couldn’t ever fit was sitting on his night stand.

I wasn’t the girl in the video tho.


there is a reason why i did it the first time.

Always go with your first mind
Never ignore it.
There is a reason why it’s there.

If you draw back
You’ll always regret the outcome.

Don’t ignore your emotions
There is a reason why you feel the way you do
It’s valid.

Sometimes there is a need to express
Sometimes it’s not,
I guess that’s why they say pick and choose your battles.

I am aware of karma.
I respect the universe.
I respect my body
I protect my heart.

Keeping me grounded,
The song that goes
What goes around…


New Music Tuesday: Lalah Hathaway's Self Portrait

Once in a while we experience a musician whose talent is unparalleled with anyone that we’ve ever seen before. In my life time, when I think about phenomenal talent – I can’t help but think about iconic musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross and Marvin Gaye.

But only once in a lifetime will we get a musician who has the innate ability to tap into your soul on such a simplistic level that you can’t help but be touched and positively affected by their artistry, their story and the calming soothe they possess.
Her voice is mellow, smooth, pristinely rich, warm, welcoming and possesses a depth that is unknown to most human ears. She is Lalah Hathaway.

It was 1990 when Lalah made her debut with her self titled CD in which I immediately became a fan. The heavy drums and the mellow depth of her voice on “Baby Don’t Cry,” sucked me in and left me wanting more.

Most people know her simply as Donny Hathaway’s daughter, but there is more to it than that. This, her 4th solo CD, “Self Portrait” her debut on Stax Records, Lalah takes an introspective look at self, while healing people in the process, steps out of her fathers legacy (not that she has been in the shadow, people just like to place you there because of the name)and solidifies her place in music history.

Throughout the years Lalah has worked with several phenomenal musicians from Take 6 to Marcus Miller to Joe Sample in which they recorded 1999’s “The Song Lives on” a duet CD that made her a household name and let us know that she was still in the game.

18 years after her debut, voice still in tact, looking better than ever (not very many artists can say that) and a message loud and clear, Lalah stands front and center as she gets ready to take the world by storm – letting everyone in on who she is, who she was and who she is becoming.

“Self Portrait,” is a feel good CD, therapy for 10.00 if you will. I really feel like Lalah heard the cries of the world, connected with them and gave back something to ease the pain we all endure from relationships, bad experiences and consistent let downs. The 12 track set, which is a complete play through from start to finish, takes you on a journey of renewal – allowing you to “Let Go,” “Breathe” and bringing you to the point of understanding that no matter what you go through “That was Then,” and you should focus on the now and she reiterates that “What Goes Around,comes back around so you shouldn’t worry about what you don’t have control over.

The CD, an adult contemporary set is a free-flowing, mellow release of artistic heaven that one must experience and not take for granted.

Lalah is one of the very few artists, besides Rahsaan Patterson that is vocally and lyrically consistent. If you’re a fan you can see the consistency which makes her who she is. Her voice is in the best and most rare form from what I can remember. And she jokingly says sometimes, “live not Memorex” which is the truth, because Lalah is the only artist in which her records do her no justice – she sounds 100 times better live and if you’re lucky, you’ll experience it one day.
Hands down, this is one of the BEST CD’s of all time, coming in closely behind Stevie Wonders’ “Songs in the Key of Life,” if not surpassing it. In fact it is very much the modern day version of that disc. It’s almost if as Lalah tapped into the legacy of her father and used her natural flow of soul, jazz and gospel to yield a timeless classic that will heal the soul and restore order to lost generations.

One thing is clear Lalah understands who she is and in that understanding; she can empathize with others. In the world as it turns, we all hurt the same and in dire need of love and compassion. Lalah gives you that with Self Portrait.

My favorite tracks: Let Go, Breathe, On Your Own, That Was Then (My ultimate favorite – this song speaks to my soul!!!), What Goes Around

But the CD is an entire play through.

In closing I want to add that while this is different from my usual CD reviews…you must understand that this isn’t a review, but an experience that I can describe in hopes that you while pick up the CD and listen for yourself.

If you’re tired, misunderstood, angry, going through something…you’ll be glad that you purchased this, it makes everything clear.