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But I am Tonight...

I didn’t count the time in between. I wasn’t really keeping track. But the last time wasn’t anything memorable, so why hold on to something that you didn’t need? Just like that piece of paper with his number on it. The one you’re never going to use because boys in this age like texting everything.

What happened to the days of getting guys number and stay on the phone all night, till both of you had to be up for work. Only then you realized it was only an hour before you had to get up?

“Whassup?” the text message read.

When I read that I immediately knew what it mean.

“15” my response.

Between my shower and air dry – cocoa butter lotion applied.

“The door will be open”

I headed down Crenshaw the long way – ignoring the drama that goes on Sunday night with all of the niggas and their new cars and beats bumping speed racing to an endless seam of stoplights that led me to Wilshire Blvd.

Janet Jackson bumping at 9:45 at night. Blueberry Kush left my body. Dick on stiff. I locked my door. Walked up the stairs to Apartment 11. Door open.
It was cleaner that usual. New furniture. It had been since last summer almost, since I had seen him.

Lights on.
Dim hallway.
Soft room.

More muscular than the last.

Lying on his stomach.

I gently got on the bed, not allowing him to move. The smell of soap was heavy like it had been sprayed from a can to disguise an unsavory smell that was there before.
I dived down, spreading him eagle – tongue throbbing against the moistness of a dark place that I had discovered before, but not really. Pulsing, swimming deeper than I had before – turned him on more than he had ever been before. He wanted it just as bad as I did. He remembered what it was like when he was at home – wasn’t on tour.

Turned over. He looked at me in the eye. Shot up twice and his tongue met mine. It was the same look he had when I looked him in the eye the first time.

A swirled my tongue around it. Only after a flicker to the navel sent him back, but this time on his back, legs over my shoulders…in my face the way I like it.

He wanted it.
He handed it to me.
It shocked me. Just like that. I was in.

“You know I don’t do it like this. But I am tonight.”

Funny how he never did it, but the lube and the magnum that I thought I couldn’t ever fit was sitting on his night stand.

I wasn’t the girl in the video tho.

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Ok, Mr. Jackson, meeting in my office ryte now.

My God today.