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The Thought Of knowing.

The truth of the matter we are constantly learning. The fact of the matter is that we already know - sometimes it takes us a while to get it or have it confirmed, but nonetheless it's the thought of knowing that keeps us sane and keeps us going.

I learned 7 things today:

1. There will always be an immense amount of people that SUPPORT you and all that you do no matter what, because these people know the truth...

2. there will always be only ONE person who has something negative to say. So fuck them and go to the people that I talked about in number one and let them figure out; because it's not your issue it's theirs.

3. Go with your first mind, because you know yourself best and in that, operate your own way without saying anything to anyone about it! Basically, don't give people the opportunity to sabotage or throw a wrench in your shit, because they "suggest" you do something a certain way.

4. As long as there is food there is people...and the thought of knowing that you do something that always brings people together says a lot...and it feels good.

5. Know yourself - and know what people can't take away from you, like your dignity and pride. Fuck anything else. People will try you at all times, but as long as you know the truth and the right truth, keep it moving. Karma will bless them and visit them periodically.

6. Know that you will always BE BLESSED when you operate in the right. And if you don't think so, refer to the people in number 1, they will remind you.

7. You need fake people and you need the gossips. Fake people always want to be apart (and don't even realized they are being used) and gossips will spread the word (good and bad...)

Lord thank you for this day - and thank you for constantly reminding me of who I serve.

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