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Trent Jackson Interviews Terrance Dean

Friday August 1st 9 a.m. PST/ 12 noon EST

Former entertainment executive Terrance Dean has written a book about his experiences living on the down low in the entertainment industry. HIDING IN HIP HOP is as much revealing about the “velvet rope” worlds Dean traveled in as it is about his own tragic-turned-triumphant life.

Dean doesn’t name names, but give blind items to protect those who are discussed in HIDING IN HIP HOP. “I have no desire to ruin anyone’s dreams or careers. That’s not why I’m writing this book,” says Dean. “What I’m truly hoping for is the start of a real conversation about why, in this very contemporary day and age, we as black people are still made to feel that we cannot be comfortable in our skin? This is a particularly valid question because there is a sizable community of gay and lesbian White business leaders and celebrities in Hollywood and they are not ostracized from the industry. In fact, they are considered major dealmakers and power players. Also, why is bi-sexuality and homosexuality still a ‘dirty little secret’ in the black community?

For Dean, he accepted his life and role as a gay black man and has been all the better ever since. He bravely left the comfortable and prestigious confines of MTV to build his organization, Men’s Empowerment. After losing to AIDS, a longtime friend, Dirk, Dean’s mother, his brothers Jevonte and George, along with Kenny Greene, lead singer of once popular R&B group Intro, Dean decided to stand up and make a bold, necessary statement. “For once, I let go of my shame and embarrassment about my sexuality…I wanted the entertainment industry to acknowledge gay black men. I wanted to let hip hop know we were just as much a part of it as anyone. The panel, Young, Black, Gifted and Gay…Powerful Men in the Entertainment Industry, was one of the most talked about and anticipated events to hit New York City at that time,” writes Dean.

Men’s Empowerment has been Dean’s call to action and HIDING IN HIP HOP is his stunning, courageous story which explains why Men’s Empowerment is necessary and important. This summer, readers from all corners will b e intrigued about HIDING IN HIP HOP. They may initially be fascinated by the “straight, no chaser” blind item stories within the book, but ultimately readers will gain a renewed appreciation for understanding why acceptance is key if we are to ever truly embrace change and promote healing.

Catch "In The Mix With Trent," live! This Friday 9 a.m. PST/12 noon EST for this powerful 90 minute interview that you won't want to miss!

My Response Part III: Where I Stand

Trent talks it out video style!


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My Response Part II: Making sense of it all

Where do I even begin? Well For Clarity My Response Part I: Mr. Intentional can be read HERE.

First off – I despise explaining myself. If people don’t trust my logic or my ability to successfully achieve something, why support me?

In this whole ordeal – the last three weeks of my life I experienced a series of events that “iced the cake” so to speak. It had come to the point where I had been stripped down and beaten to the point where I couldn’t get up – to the point where I didn’t want to get up. Because if I got up, I would continue to be disrespected, violated, misused, misunderstood, underestimated, betrayed, tricked, bamboozled, and whatever else people could come up with. Just when you thought that you couldn’t be amazed at how far people will go to make you upset, you’ve been tomfooled again!

Then your “handlers” don’t make it any better. They tell you when, how and why you can or cannot respond – when they aren’t even out for you, the person that’s getting them paid. Money changes things and it always isn’t for the better. So – I can only do me and that means saying what I have to say…even if that means explaining myself to some degree.

In my line of work, my primary goal is to inspire and let others know that they can make it. My primary audience is black women and black gay men, although as of late, I’ve been learning that not only does my work cross gender boundaries; but racial ones as well – and that says something. However, my service first is to the community in which I am apart of: Black Gay Men. I provide a service to black men who want to be better, do better and want to defy the stereotype. They need me, they need someone to speak up for them, because too many times, people who speak the truth and want to change things for the better, often get shunned or stories never told, because they have been mislabeled and misunderstood for simply “keeping it real,” the most grossly misused statement in urban crossover culture.

I live my life openly because everyone else is afraid to say what the real deal is. I talk about my life vividly, candidly – what you see is real. I talk about my weight, I talk about my depression, I talk about my family issues, I talk about what it’s like being a black gay man who is doing something positive and everyone is trying to convince him that he is negative! I go through the same shit just like everyone else does. The only difference is that I talk about mine – everyone else is overtly concerned about what someone is going to think. I used to live like that – but that is no way to live. People who follow my work and know me on a personal level know the impact that I try to make for the better. And I know that I get through.

Someone asked me did I try to commit suicide. My response to them was, “What do you think?” As I said, I will not explain myself. People are going to draw their own conclusions regardless of what I say. The point is, I am here now; I have to deal with the fallout and the aftermath. But on the flip side people should be extremely nervous and be prepared to be uncomfortable, if they ask me why I did something. When the time of my full return comes or when I feel it is necessary to talk about my ordeal I will do that, because it is definitely something that will be talked about. And it was not a laughing matter.

It saddens me to be apart of a community that continually perpetuates negative stereotypes brought on by deep-rooted insecurity, pain and rejection. It further infuriates me that organizations local and abroad that stand in the name of change, acceptance, growth, and the empowerment of black gay men continue a malicious cycle of mental abuse; and turn their “community service” based organizations for breeding grounds of sexual objectification and the breaking of spirits; thus failing a community already damaged.

I pledged to be the difference when I first started writing about my life as a gay black man, silly of me to think that this would be accomplished without some type of emotional pitfall. I stand to be the difference in this time of change and I will always be the person I am because I am only going to get there by being true to who I am. Those have and will always be my values. But I will not stand by nor will I support any person, organization or group that not only stifles the empowerment of black gay men by not being all inclusive and accepting of all men while disrespecting me in the process. We have torn each other down way too long. We have let our ego’s get the best of us too long. We includes myself as well. I cannot speak about anything unless I’ve made confession of my own guilt and wrongdoing. We need to understand redemption is within us. Acknowledging what we’ve done ourselves, so that we can help others.

So many people give up because they are never given the chance to excel. I never had that chance, so I am taking it now and I will give people the opportunity I never had – because someone has to be the difference and break the chain. Not just on paper and not by word alone. This has to be displayed by action and my record speaks for itself.

No matter what I go through, I will always make it out. I just wish people would smell the smoke before they wait to see the flames.

It’s really all about who you have around you. Sometimes it’s not what is in plain English people. It’s what’s in the details.

I thank you for your support.
I thank you for your concern.
I thank you for attempting to understand.

In The Meantime, visit my audioblog today and listen to what I had to say.

July 30th, I return to do the 6 remaining shows of Season 5 of my radio show, “In The Mix With Trent” And I will pickup where I almost left off.



The Best Of In The Mix With Trent

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The Best Of In The Mix With Trent

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Official Statement


Update On Trent Jackson

Los Angeles, Ca July 14, 2008 - On Friday July 11, 2008 many fans and supporters became increasingly concerned for gay author, Trent Jackson, when news of his death began circulating shortly after a vague and emotionally distressed message was delivered by Jackson during his weekly podcast that aired July 11th. Jackson who is always candid during his podcast, expressed how extremely overwhelmed he had been personally and professionally.

When news of his disappearance and alleged death reached his staff and colleagues, a frenzied search to locate Jackson commenced immediately. Those closest to Jackson had been concerned for some time that the mounting pressure of new ventures and to meet his deadline for the completion of his third novel was weighing heavily on Jackson, as he struggled to stay on schedule while fulfilling his commitments to his radio show and book tour dates.

Thankfully, Jackson was located after going missing for several days. His family, friends and staff were extremely relieved to hear the news because many had begun to fear the worst.

Jackson is currently recovering at an undisclosed location and will be canceling all remaining calendar events.

His family and staff would like to thank everyone for their positive thoughts and prayers this past week and ask that you continue to support Jackson during his recovery.

His management staff will be contacting vendors and contractors over the next few days to discuss Mr. Jackson’s contractual obligations.

Please contact Bryan McCall for Trent Jackson Media group for any further information. 310.844.7604



Dear supporters of Trent Jackson,

In light of the recent events we will be releasing an official statement tomorrow morning. Thank you for all of the comments, calls and concerns regarding Trent.

The Trent Jackson Management Team


Witty Wednesday 07.09.08

Trent goes back into the studio and talks about things that are bothering him on a severe, high-orange terror alert.


Witty Wednesday 07.02.08

Trent complains about work, addresses some hateration he got from another gay "celebrity" drama and boys.


The Thought Of knowing.

The truth of the matter we are constantly learning. The fact of the matter is that we already know - sometimes it takes us a while to get it or have it confirmed, but nonetheless it's the thought of knowing that keeps us sane and keeps us going.

I learned 7 things today:

1. There will always be an immense amount of people that SUPPORT you and all that you do no matter what, because these people know the truth...

2. there will always be only ONE person who has something negative to say. So fuck them and go to the people that I talked about in number one and let them figure out; because it's not your issue it's theirs.

3. Go with your first mind, because you know yourself best and in that, operate your own way without saying anything to anyone about it! Basically, don't give people the opportunity to sabotage or throw a wrench in your shit, because they "suggest" you do something a certain way.

4. As long as there is food there is people...and the thought of knowing that you do something that always brings people together says a lot...and it feels good.

5. Know yourself - and know what people can't take away from you, like your dignity and pride. Fuck anything else. People will try you at all times, but as long as you know the truth and the right truth, keep it moving. Karma will bless them and visit them periodically.

6. Know that you will always BE BLESSED when you operate in the right. And if you don't think so, refer to the people in number 1, they will remind you.

7. You need fake people and you need the gossips. Fake people always want to be apart (and don't even realized they are being used) and gossips will spread the word (good and bad...)

Lord thank you for this day - and thank you for constantly reminding me of who I serve.