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Inspired By & Contains segments written by: A. Diamond Star
Contributions by: Trent Jackson

If there is someone who can’t handle me and the wonderfully brilliant, exquisite, strong, brave, fearless, loving, caring, stern, joyful, happy, blissful, phenomenal, amazing person that I am, too bad for them!

I accept myself as a forever evolving entity. I am aware of my faults, I learn from my mistakes and I make the conscious action to correct my errors, acknowledge and apologize to the people that may have been impacted knowingly and unknowingly in a negative way. I accept responsibility in all facets of my life. I operate out of security and I am walking in the path destined for greatness.

I refuse to interact with people who are opposed to action and comfortable with words. I will not interact with those who are overwhelmed by the quality of my personality and character. I refuse to interact with people who do not appreciate life, art, ambition and phenomenal, astounding, earth shattering, uplifting, enlightening conversation.

If there are lost people, I refuse to be caught up in their downward spiral. I will not allow myself to be poisoned by the words, actions, thoughts, ideas or the suggestions of others. I am in control of my life, my spirit, my mind and my body. Self-preservation is key – an elitist attitude is not.

I am on a mission to validate myself in the name of self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance, self-renewal and high self-esteem! I am walking on the road and living the vision GOD has created especially for me.

This is the beginning of a new era.
I am actively ending enabling others lack of responsibility.

I am ready for the new moon.

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