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Tomorrow On In The Mix With Trent: Lalah Hathaway

Join me this Friday August 8th as I interview


Lalah Hathaway

10:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time
1:30 P.M. Eastern Time

Call in line: (347) 324-5713


Once in a while we experience a musician whose talent is unparalleled with anyone that we've ever seen or heard before. But only once in a lifetime will we get a musician who has the innate ability to tap into your soul on such a simplistic level that you can't help but be touched and positively affected by their artistry, their story and the calming soothe they possess. Her voice is mellow, smooth, pristinely rich, warm, welcoming and possesses a depth that is unknown to most human ears. She is Lalah Hathaway.

It was 1990 when Lalah made her debut with her self titled CD in which I immediately became a fan. The heavy drums and the mellow depth of her voice on “Baby Don't Cry,” sucked me in and left me wanting more.

Most people know her simply as Donny Hathaway's daughter, but there is more to it than that. Her latest musical contribution, her 4th solo CD, “Self Portrait” which is also her debut on Stax Records, Lalah takes an introspective look at self, while healing people in the process, steps out of her fathers legacy (not that she has been in the shadow, people just like to place you there because of the name) and solidifies her place in music history.

"This album is like a movie of my life over the last couple of years," she says. “The portrait I see of myself is of a very confident, smart woman who is extremely funny, independently wealthy and well-traveled – all things that I am to a small degree." "Every day, I realize that I’m walking toward the woman I’m going to be. She’s there. I can see her."

"Self Portrait," is a feel good CD! I really feel like Lalah heard the cries of the world, connected with them and gave back something to ease the pain we all endure from relationships, bad experiences and consistent let downs. The 12 track set, which is a complete play through from start to finish, takes you on a journey of renewal – allowing you to “Let Go,” “Breathe” and bringing you to the point of understanding that no matter what you go through “That was Then,” and you should focus on the now and she reiterates that “What Goes Around,” comes back around so you shouldn’t worry about what you don’t have control over.

I don’t necessarily want to fit into what’s happening now,” she says of today’s music marketplace, “But I want to stand with it, doing my own thing. I would really love it if people need the record. I put a lot of myself into this album, so I hope people can hear me and understand who I am.”

Listen Live! This Friday as Lalah has an intimate conversation with me about her music, her life, and her passion.

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