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4 Keeps: The Introduction

Current mood: hopeful

you speak to me in the still of the night - when I'm myself. Unedited by the worlds politically correct assumptions. Only holding me back from saying what I really wanted to say to you.

somewhere along the complexities of our lives; we were taught to deflect and pretend. But in the end the immediate unmasking took place and i somehow missed the sign that you threw me...only holding you back from saying what you really wanted to say.

yes...if you only knew.
watching from afar knowing you were hot to the touch.
never making eye contact...only glimpses of your remembering when it happened.

now i'm sitting here with my decision already made.
you made the effort. you planted the seed.
it's up to me to water it.
and it keeps pushing me to say...

i'm on my way.

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