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Downgrade To The Maxx: The 90's Revisited (Lite)

Anyone who knows me knows that I swear by late 80’s early 90’s music. You name it, Shanice Wilson, Janet Jackson, Pebbles, Karyn White, Lalah Hathaway, Bobby Brown, Guy, Whitney Houston, Johnny Gill…can someone please send Karyn White a message and tell her that we are still waiting on a show and a interview or something…I need her to single-handedly handle bringing back R&B music, thanks...

Now, so I am sitting with Andre, thrashed on a midnight run to Popeye’s… (OMG, the actual thought of me writing this out loud made me laugh in shock and utter disbelief. A midnight run to Popeye’s? That is bizarre. But it happens to the best of us.) So as I am driving down the block, I hear an advertisment – yes AD-VER-TIS-MENT, not advertisement, there is a difference, that Johnny Gill, Bobby Brown and Ralph Tresvant will be performing a concert in Los Angeles on November 9th. I had to pull over the car and make sure I heard this right…my first concert ever in LIFE WAS THE NEW EDITION, BBD, RALPH TRESVANT W/ AL B. SURE! CONCERT AT THE FORUM! DON’T PLAY! I immediately made my decision to be at ticket master tomorrow morning after I get an Oil change to buy a front row ticket in that muthafucka, because this will put the Icing on the cake after seeing Janet Jackson perform the other night…I am still trying to process that. Why was I crying tho…?

Anyway. In my honest opinion of the court, there is one male entertainer other than Michael Jackson that will get my vote – and that is BOBBY BROWN. Call it whatever yall want to call it but BOBBY BROWN is a showman out of this planet. I don’t care what the man does when he’s off, but when he is on that stage he is serious about connecting with a crowd and giving them a show that is unforgettable and I have to witness this myself, because artists like he and Janet don’t even come out that often.

Its like why isn’t Johnny Gill, who is a premier singer (Remember Silent Prayer with him and Shanice? Don’t trip!) Still making records? He has fans, I we need a song…what yall really need to do is get the Johnny Gill album with “Rub You The Right Way” on it and get into his track, “Just Another Lonely Night” and you’ll understand why Brian McKnight is popular. Johnny Gill can sing circles around a few people I wont call out – but it’s fucked up that the people with the most talent either never get the proper credit, get hated on, or just quit because of the pressure…I am taking advantage of this show, I am not missing this concert At all.

What I love most about the music of that era, it produced some of the most phenomenal entertainers that I’ve seen in all history of black music. Not only were they great performers and singers – the feel of the music, the expression behind the music and the music that they produced evoked a unifying spirit amongst people that will never die. All of them, my favorites
I applaud singers like Shanice, Tamia, Deborah Cox, Jody Watley, Lalah Hathaway and a few others that have gone the independent route to continue to do what they do best. That is a big risk as an artist. But there are plenty of loyal fans that have been there from the start that are waiting on that moment to see some of the people that we’ve grown up with do their thing like we remember, while showing these knockoff’s what it’s really about.

I feel it’s a great tragedy that we don’t have serious award shows anymore to pay homage and rightfully pass the torch to the new era of stars like Mario, Trey Songz, Ciara, Chrisette Michelle and others, who clearly reflect and mirror that sheer raw talent like some of my favorites from 20 years ago.

Can someone revive Don Cornelius for one last get down and have him put together an all star line up featuring the stars of the late 80’s early 90’s??? Staring Karyn White!!! I need her to come from her Secret Rendezvous and for Pebbles to come from out her Backyard and Give Us The Benefit…Ooooh…and Can Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, L.A. Reid & Babyface do one collaboration album?


My point to saying all of this was that I was listening to 93.5 instead of my usual KJLH and they had such a mix of music – I felt like I was at home listening to the I-Pod. They went from Prince (Another creative genius out of the universe), “Let’s Go Crazy” to Bobby Brown then I heard that commercial for that concert and that’s when I got excited and programmed 93.5 to number one and shifted KJLH to number 2.

I mean, KJLH, I love them for what they do. Kevin Nash is great…the morning show not so much. It’s too early for me to ask where Cliff Winston is. But Theo is the Rhythm of L.A. I remember him being on the air during the Riots in 92…when it was 92.3 The Beat…wow, the good ol’ days…I’ll always associate Theo with L.A.

Can I stop rambling now…?

Johnny Gill, Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant! Sunday November 9th – 7:30! Greek Theater Not to be missed! Tickets go on sale in like 8 hours…they have other dates all over!! Relive the glory of real entertainment, great singers and the touch of some of the greatest producers of all time: JIMMY JAM & TERRY LEWIS, L.A. REID & BABYFACE.


Al B. Sure needs to quit playing too and make him a Night and Day remix.

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