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Standy By For The Bigger Message.

So the point is that I am horrible at keeping commitments lately, this being one of them. It seems as though I have become too dependent upon the audio medium and forgot the roots of this blog and why it connected with so many people since it's inception in 2005. But that doesn't mean that I have stopped connecting...

I've been having a series of phenomenal days, even in the wake of senseless hogwash that I could do without. Life has been great - and it always has been. It's just I allowed others to spin me around so much to the point where I thought life was shit. As soon as I stopped enabling others lack of responsibility, I respected life and my place in it more.

A few years ago before I became a frequent, almost permanent, some what of a resident of the District of Columbia - I met a person who was a reader in my blog, who I lived in D.C. The first time I went to D.C. in 2006 we met and we remained in touch. A few weeks ago he sent me an IM and asked if I would be in L.A. this week - I told him only for a special event...The Janet Jackson show. He then proceeded to tell me that he was flying out...needless to say the show was AMAZING (Standby for the bigger message. September 24th 2008, the Season 6 Premier of In The Mix With Trent) and so was his presence. He reminded me why I HAVE TO continue to do what I am doing and Janet who is my sole inspiration, reminded me that we are all in a fight of Good and Evil and we are all the Chosen ones - the only reason why we were called into existence.

I am still processing, so I'll need all of the time Between now and Wednesday when I hit the Mic.

P.S., I love Ne-Yo's new CD. Lloyd is still a banger, Year of The Lover is not to be slept on!!! Janet should have had Ciara open for her and pass the torch properly - because clearly Janet is retiring after this run, although I appreciate LL COOL J as an artist as well as one of the only LEGENDARY hip-hop artist to successfully make great music over 20 years, not very many people can claim that. Janet and Lalah are true talents...for what they do so is LL. We can look at many people have fallen off between the death of Disco and the birth of great music and visibly see who is REAL and who isn't. Light always outshines darkness.

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