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Friday Finale 10.31.08

Trent is juiced about the elections as he talks about current events and not taking it personal. He also announces his model search...


After The Show 10.29.08

Trent phones in after the show for a candid conversation with his listening audience.


Phone Home...

When you have something to say...and u can't say it to anyone else, you gotta phone home



Trent calls in from Europe! SMASHING!!!



cradle robbers running rampant. and by that i mean; those who feed and thirst of your joy, happiness, calm disposition, good nature and overall contentment with life so they can continued to live in their self-induced perpetual cycle of malicious, harvested bitterness. the harvested bitterness that they think is oh so sweet.

thursdays are not my days.
neither are sundays.

even I try to find the best of these days, I do a lot of cleansing and purging these days the most. which make me more susceptible to having a nigga moment: I really hope I can hold myself together, cause I feel a lot of people are about to get physically fucked up. I am so tired of being nice.


Witty Wednesday 10.15.08



it's crazy how my brain works. but check it out.

i grinned. smiled to myself. and made a mental note that i was good. which meant that tonight i had the most memorable sex of 2008 a couple of hours ago. i mean my on again off again jump-off from Compton couldn't even top this.

i walked up his stairs - he looked just like his picture...better. check
looked him in the eyes - i knew he liked what he saw. check
he signed the paper and gave his thumb print. most don't (bitch it's a serious game)

and just like that he kissed me. slammed me against his wall, rough just the way he sensed i liked it. tongues touched. bodies kissed. arms pinning me down against...his 5'7 frame. thick 180 and more intense than i would have thought. a few phone conversations a few racy text messages...and just like that, i dropped down to my knees and gave him a sample of what the warmth of my...could do. he grabbed my head - pulled of my had and grabbed my hair, just the way i like everyone knows. i'm a hoe. but only in explanations, my body needs this.

he guided me to his room. well appointed. laid on his back and gave him the intense thrash of my tongue while my mouth tightened and gripped his thickness and throbbed in my was just what i wanted - the kind of intense sex that involves body contact, moans, screams of passion when one experiences what they've envisioned in intricately detailed self touching sessions.

just minutes before she and i chilled. a refresher. even though andre is acting an ass these days, she's patient...we were sitting there. daily blend tall, vanilla latte, tall in tow. enjoying the brisk air of magic johnsons starbucks.

he made eye contact. i gave her notice. 30 seconds too long. he broke the rule. trying to figure if she and i were together...was i? just in case. two tens. he calls for a split. one is an eleven, the other is a 10.

a kall from him about her. a debrief. unintentionally not listening to him. something there through silence i always pick up.

a text message to the tone of take you down zoned me back into his room where moments later 30 minutes after he was on stomach flexing his muscle on my mouth - he was straddling my face and just as he told me he didn't. not once. not twice. not three times. but 4 times in his mouth. i have a thing about people keeping things that belong to me. back on his stomach. unroll. glide and in i went. against his wall. my moisture on his neck. hand on him. an hour past. fast. intense. passionate...

neck. torso. belly button. nipples our tongues flickered. he did it where i like it. and just like that a four day marathon is over and complete...until next october.

now on my way to work...the studio. the shit was so bomb i had to come home and make some of those ghetto style quesadillas that you can only get at the greasy after the club, 2 a.m. joint...the kind where they make them out of corn instead of flour tortillas and they end up being greasy...yeah. thank the anorexia gods for pam cooking spray and whole wheat tortillas.

god is amazing. god is real. even though religion is a sham...and 3 white people with Obama buttons in one day is also amazingly real.



Thinking Outloud...

I miss my old jump off. It's been since July and I need to call him. I think because typically the summer is a nasty time for me emotionally, I just kinda threw him in the toilet with the rest of my life. Speaking of which, I need to call more than my jump off's if I expect to have standing relationships.

It's been two weeks since I've met with Janet Jackson and I am still processing that. I have 3 pages written of my essay which will become a blog at some point...I just don't know when.

I'm in love with my penis all of a sudden. And this came out of no where, like I have this strange need to show it to, we'll come back to this later...I know where it came from tho. It's funny when you start becoming comfortable with your body, you start doing and paying attention to things you haven't done before.

I'm glad that I've waited this long to allow a man to enter my body. I think that self respect and finding the right one to share that intimate experience with is priceless.

My brother is right, I think too much and I should just live.

I can't believe what I'll be doing in 16 days!!!

I am glad that I can follow and trust my instincts. But since I know that they are accurate 100% of the time, I know something that I can't share yet.

It's really interesting to see how people react...and the guilty ones always react the loudest, the most and the hardest. Is it ever really that serious?

P.S. Besides the Subway on 17th and Corcoran, where the hell can a nigga get a decent Pastrami??? ooooh - it's soooo off my diet tho.