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cradle robbers running rampant. and by that i mean; those who feed and thirst of your joy, happiness, calm disposition, good nature and overall contentment with life so they can continued to live in their self-induced perpetual cycle of malicious, harvested bitterness. the harvested bitterness that they think is oh so sweet.

thursdays are not my days.
neither are sundays.

even I try to find the best of these days, I do a lot of cleansing and purging these days the most. which make me more susceptible to having a nigga moment: I really hope I can hold myself together, cause I feel a lot of people are about to get physically fucked up. I am so tired of being nice.

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Anonymous said...

*doing my homework*

I'm not feeling so nice either...things that I thought were, are obviously illusions. Something that I thought milked a blossoming positive spirit now inspires malicious behavior. I won't resort to cutting a bitch in the flesh, I'll just cut a bitch off in their existence, BOW! Lol!

your bun Adge