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Witty Wednesday 12.31.08

"Curtain Call" In the last show of the year Trent talks about lessons learned tossed in with a little venting session and dragging a few more of his skeletons out of the closet. Trent closes the show by reading his new rules of engagement for 2009

The Year of Completion: The Prequel




What Can I Say?

I'm not feeling it tonight...

The world is turning and I feel it moving.
New beginnings.
Fresh starts.
Declarations of independence both parties.
Find myself not having to answer. And for what? So you can convince me otherwise?
No disrespect is really what I want to say.
Kanye was right when he said, "I can't keep myself and still keep you too."
Platonic...sometimes too ironic.
In serious work mode. I've lived the Pop Life.
Some. What most don't get is that an authentic researcher does not gather his data by merely watching. Or reporting stories told. He does this by simply,
becoming the subject of his own examination.
Some of us have to die to so others can live.
I don't feel like answering. Just because the phone rings does that mean we have to answer it?
Forgive me father for I have sinned.
I am aware of redemption and karma.
I exercise it wisely. They that why they do what they do?
Is that why you prepared a table for me, before them?
The last supper.
Lauryn told us in 98, "Forgive them father for they know not what they do."
I am not exempt.
But I became them and I knew better.
Breaking point.
Became something that I am not.
I looked out into the shadows of my soul - and lit the match.
to warm my own heart.
my own soul.
I love getting in touch with myself.
I only wish everyone else did that more often.
Thinking out loud.
Thinking way too much.
Someone has to do it.
We don't do it enough...
Question authority...
I've come to terms with it...just that quick.
Thinking out loud.
Clearing out the old.
Bringing in the new is cool. It's all about the timing.
We forget to give our spaces time to breathe...and enjoy that new smell again.
The innocence that is trapped somewhere in mid air.



and let it ride...


Witty Wednesday 12.17.08

"We're too old to make friends" - Trent talks about his celebrity party adventure while checking his voicemail, talking life as he usually does plus gives he gives out etiquette his usual rant on self-growth.

Today's Music:

E-40 - Break Ya Ankles
Keyshia Cole - Make Me Over
Jamie Fox - Digital Girl
Brutha - I can't hear the music
Whitney Houston - One Of Those Days
Bobby Brown - Get Away


Friday Finale 12.12.08

"Stronger" - Trent talks about making it work in spite of.

Todays Music:

Kanye West - Stronger
Keith Sweat - Want Her
Michael & Janet - Scream
T-Pain - Chopped and Skrewed
Rahsaan Patterson - Sometimes You Gotta Let Go


Witty Wednesday 12.10.08

"Therapy" Trent discusses family, standing up for yourself and making amends before the year ends. Trent gives a review of "Christopher Street" the series and he also touches on Barack Obama, Clarence Thomas and calling in gay.

Today's Music:

Common - Universal Mind Control
T-Pain/Kanye - Therapy
Estelle - Come Ove
Joe - By Any Means
Kanye West - Paranoid


Friday Finale 12.05.08

Trent closes out the week low key while talking about honesty, personal responsibility, dating, Usher, Brian McKnight, The Grammy Show and intervening prematurely.

Today's music is a flashback to Phyllis Hyman & DeBarge


Witty Wednesday 12.03.08

Trent talks the holidays, Britney Spears, Phyllis Hyman, DeBarge, Keyshia Cole and Brutha...while talking about his night out on the town on Sunday and finally ending "Celebation"

Todays Music:
Brutha - I can't hear the music
Keyshia Cole - Shoulda Let You Go
Kanye West - Love Lockdown
Janet Jackson - Feedback
Beyonce - Scared Of Lonely
Lalah Hathaway - What Goes Around


I Bet you think this post is about you...

Ask me how good I feel right now!!?? AMAZING!!!

It's funny how life works sometimes. One minute you're up, the next you're down...wishing that trick ass nigga that you don't need will bring his sorry ass around. (lol) FALLACY I tell you.

I conquered it. I went and faced all the things and the people that I have an utter disdain for. And once I over came my fear my existence in this world was re-confirmed.

Tonight I learned to stop giving my power away to people. Tonight I learned to stop making myself available to those who don't deserve my time. Tonight I learned that if you deleted their number during sweeps once, you're (me) the stupid ass if you're deleting it twice. I also learned that nothing is forever and things change, but this only happens if you logically examine what's in front of you and to do that, you have to understand that things will always get uncomfortable. But without discomfort in your life, then you'll never grow.

I didn't answer my phone for anyone who called my phone yesterday. I've been reserving my right to actively end others blatant dependency on me...But reluctantly I answered for him, only because he's in my Five Faves...And I was mad that I did that. I should have just let the phone go to voice mail, just like I first thought. But for some reason, I thought that he was calling to redeem himself, but instead he tried to cover up the fact that he was wrong on some level and that his courtesy wasn't exercised, neither was his best judgement. One thing I hate is being lied to, especially over something petty. I could have just excused his fact I did, it wasn't even water under the bridge - it was more like Pebbles when she gave us "Giving You The Benefit." But the fact that he tried to clean up his error with a lie was a slap in the face and it says a lot about his character. I wish people would not say anything when they know they are wrong or when they know that they did something to get under my skin. It's best to just let time fix it or just come clean...not lie. Now that I have it out of my system, I can move on.

I was proud that I exercised myself control in public. I wanted to kick his ass, as I promised him I would if I ever saw him in public for stealing my bottle of Marc Jacobs cologne. Sometimes your presence is enough to make a bitch run for cover...especially since the last time he heard an utterance of my name, I was allegedly dead. But it's not over. I always study my subject and wait before I make any moves.

Even though he kept me waiting after dragging me out of the house, I didn't get mad. He really helped me get over my social phobia. He doesn't know that he and his litter of narcissistic sociopaths have inspired me to continue to be the fierce muthafucka I am. People think that you never change. Had this been last year, I would have called him and told him about himself. But you never have to tell people how miserable they are, especially when they are up to the same shit. Again, your presence should be enough to shut a bitch down...especially when you're 60 pounds lighter...and you're glow shines through the fog and it's brighter than the moon.

It's so funny how hoes that band together always want to make catty comments amongst themselves as they always do, and shade me harder than a sunset in Miami on a cold winter day but I wish people would really understand that death and karma are inevitable. The key to being successful, being happy and getting what YOU want out of life requires one simple thing: That you treat people with dignity and respect.