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Auto Response: Trent Jackson Interrupted.

Hey guys...

I'm going back inside for a few days. Nothing to worry about, I'm well. Especially because I found the people that give me life. Sometimes we have to go far to see them...sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name (your real name) and they're always glad you came....

I'm in debrief mode right now. I'm in work mode right now. I'm in cope mode right now. I am in playing hard to get mode right now. I am in love with myself mode right now. And just like a Rahsaan Patterson song...It Feels Good...
I love my aunt so much. She gives me life.

back in a flash.
transition is almost complete.


Thank You Karrine.

Many people don't believe me when I tell them that I've never been fucked in the @$$! Not that, that this topic comes up in casual conversation, or even in my circle of mental friends. Usually when I am dating guys, they assume I am a strict an utter bottom simply because of the reputation that proceeds me and whatever mood I am in that particular moment when they meet me. And most are suprised to find out that I have a strong wave of testosterone that you'll never see coming.

Number one, I won't ever deny the fact that the attempt has been made, but because I don't relate my homosexuality to sex - I will not allow myself to share my body in such an intimate way without having a connection. Period

I've had 3 boyfriends. Countless jump offs. That sounds crazy saying that...but it's reality. I've never wanted to be fucked by a countless jump off. A guy that was just on the prowl to hit ass because that made him a top and validated his gay card. In all of my insecurity, I some how maintained my "virginity" (which I put in quotes because most wont classify me as a virgin. But clearly since I do want to be fucked one day, [lol] i'm a virgin) and I am very happy that I have it in tact. I know it will definitely enhance the experience of my love for the man that i choose to be with...

In all of the crucially critical judgement that surrounds her name, Karrine Steffans understands some of my view point. On her blog entry (intended for women), an excerpt from her upcoming book, "The Vixen Manual" (in which I'll be purchasing, just for the inner bitchslut that lives in me) she talks openly about anal sex.

Now, I am usually an advocate for the adage "don't knock it 'til you try it," but in this case, I have to withdraw my advocation. Anal sex is not the sort of thing you just try, it is an event, a massive undertaking and a sex life-changing moment.

Anal sex, ladies, is not for the faint and certainly not for the woman who runs from pain. However, for those who have braved the initial shock of having something go in their out door, it becomes an exciting addition to their sexual adventures in marriage -- and I say "in marriage" because this is not the sort of thing you want to try with some guy who's just going to leave you in three months. No, this is strictly husband-and-wife, 'til death do we part stuff!

The orgasms alone may repay brave women for their dedication and, as with all fetishes and sexual practices, couples that participate find themselves further tied by their adventurous trusting of one another.

-thank you Karrine.


Witty Wednesday 1.21.09

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Friday Finale 01.16.09

Trent returns to the studio and warms himself back up to the swing of things while talking Faith Evans and being who you are...


Witty Wednesday 1.14.09

Message from the maker


From The Vault: In The Mix With Trent

Originally Aired: Friday 4/14/06

Trent is in rare form when he goes off on everything from his Sprint Phone Bill, Michael & Janet Jackson, Mohammad Ali selling his name, June Pointer and hanging out with Kenny & Chante Lattimore. In usual fashion he provides a funny Friday Fone Tap, Plenty of shot outs, more skin care tips and gives advice to listeners!


Witty Wednesday 1.07.09

"It's A Man Down Situation" Trent attempts to record his first show of the new year while sick. He talks about friendships, the usual targets, Janet Jackson, Adria and some other babble.

Music Today...tune into hear it

A Song I Wrote...

In my mind I am always doing great things for my friends and never tell them I am doing it. Not that I do things for recognition, but it's nice to be acknowledged for the good work and the good deeds that you do.

Last year a good friend of mine was breaking up with his ex...and I knew that it was coming a year before it happened. I remember he called me in the middle of the night while he was driving and we were just talking...and I knew that he wanted out of his relationship.

A few months later, when I finally met his boyfriend, I didn't like him. I never told my friend that I didn't like him...but I just didn't like his overbearing energy. I immediately thought, Mariah Carey v. Tommy Motolla.

Last September someone asked me to pen a few songs to shop to a few artists. And I immediately thought of my friend and his situation and penned this song that I decided to keep for myself...primarily because it was personal and I didn't tweak the lyrics enough...

He called me one day and I could tell that he was heavy...and really couldn't express all what he was thinking/going through...but I knew what he wanted to say.

Something I have to Say
Written By: T. Jackson for Winter At 712 Music Publishing ()
(C) 2008

Verse 1
I'm so through with giving in.
Compromised myself for far too long.
There's gotta be a better way,
and I know it's not here so I can't stay.
lost time, can't get it back,
my life I've got to live.
Can't hold myself back no more.
I'm not in love so sad to say.

Good Times we shared
just know that I still care
be there for you
memories will stay
both good and bad
i just wanted it to last
it's okay - cause my hearts in tact...

And I love you
but i can't stay with you
i love somebody else
but it's me that i see
gotta love me for me
something you can't do for me...
and I love you
gotta stay friends it's true
I'm outta love with you
Can't take no more questioning is it me, is it u
that's really trippin see...

Verse 2
So I
gotta move on and let it go
just gotta take time you know
learned a lotta lessons so
I gotta do me and understand him clearly
now i sit asking who's to blame
for this silly little game, we seemingly played
we'll always have that time & space
I wanna go back...
but I can't revisit it

(repeat bridge)
(repeat chorus)

So many nights I prayed
your love would stop being so one sided
like the time when we first met
you loved me and you cared you were always there
but some where down to the last line
you gave up the dream of you and me
no longer were we first prize...
i thought you were my lifetime...

(repeat chorus 4x)
(ad libs)


The Rules Of Engagement REMIXED & REMASTERED.

I made it. 2009 is staring me in the face and the war is on.

Last year, I wanted to make "massive changes" and I set them in motion because it was time. So i wrote a list of rules to abide by. Rules that I felt where needed to make me a stronger person so I can be the person that I was sent here to be. I really believe that over the years our personalities are diluted and polluted by not only ourselves, but people that are close to us. Sometimes we start to believe things about ourselves because we are told it over and over and even though we know deep inside that what we are being told is a lie, we go a long with it anyway.

Last year was an extremely difficult year. The more and more I wanted to become a better person, it seems as if every insecurity I had was heightened and prayed on by almost everyone...but always the same players. When it all came down to it, I knew that the plan I set in place was in motion and changes were happening, scary at first - but now it was the best thing I could have ever done.

2008 was rough. And I am not afraid to say that it took me down. I didn't allow it to, it had to happen in order for me to learn lessons, realize my faults & mistakes, cleanse myself of things and people that had no place in my life and most importantly it allowed me to stand up for myself and love me for exactly the person I am. I can now operate in security and confidence without allowing others to influence who I am. It has been a long road, but now I'm at home, where I am comfortable and secure in my own house...made of brick.

2009 will be the year that everything I've ever asked for, dreamed about and wanted will all fall into place for me. But with that being said, I have some rules to abide by.

I've added 9 new priority rules to my list...those are the first nine....get it? The others are things from last years list that I feel that I either didn't master or things that aren't ready to come off the list yet...

So here it is...

The Rules Of Engagement Remixed & Remastered: 2009

1. You are your first priority. Do not allow yourself to be disrespected in any form.
2. Do Not argue. It’s a waste of time and energy and baggage that should be left at baggage claim.
3. Speak in moderation. It’s better if people see it, not know it before hand.
4. Think about all possible outcomes of a problem before you act. And be responsible for your actions no matter what the outcome.
5. If you don't have it, don't spend it.
6. Pay your bills on time.
7. ZERO TOLERANCE for people who perpetuate drama. There are no chances. At the first sight of bullshit, end it and move on
8. If you're not getting paid, it's not worth it. Unless children are involved.
9. Be who you are without regrets, without disrespecting others.
10. Let go of it all. If it’s old, move on. You don’t have to forgive or forget. Understand the lesson and keep it pushin!
11. Recognize the cycle and do everything in your power to change it for the better.
12. You control your own destiny. It’s never to late to do something that you’ve always wanted to do.
13. Ignore miserable people, for you will become them.
14. If you don't say it to them first; don't say it at all.
15. Celebrate who you are daily.
16. Unless it happened in 09' don't address it.
17. Understand that CHANGE is the only thing that is constant.
18. Be who you are, so that others may be who they are.
19. Understand that everything you do has a consequence.
20. Only entertain people who are like minded in their own progression:
  • Make sure they are goal oriented.
  • There is action behind their plan (cause you have yours)
  • Make sure they are focused
  • They have a strong sense of determination
  • They are honest
  • They are able to tell the truth (honesty and telling the truth are different)
  • They are able to speak the truth and be free about it
  • They are able to accept things for what they are
  • They have their own life, so they aren’t trying to be all up in your business.
  • They compliment not COMPLETE you.
21. Understand where you've come from - and don't be ashamed about it. Understand where you are and work on enhancing the now, so your future can be the way you envision it.
22. Understand that life is about struggling to progress, not struggling to be oppressed or depressed. Living in strife is a trick from satan and for the complacent.
23. Love freely. But love with logic.
24. Surround yourself with people who are positive.
25. Bring something to the table every time.
26. Remember the legacy that you are leaving.
27. Inspire a child.
28. Fuck What people say. If they don’t sign your check, then tell em’ what Rahsaan told me “FUCK EM!!!”

2009 is here! Make the best of it...and let it ride.