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Auto Response: Trent Jackson Interrupted.

Hey guys...

I'm going back inside for a few days. Nothing to worry about, I'm well. Especially because I found the people that give me life. Sometimes we have to go far to see them...sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name (your real name) and they're always glad you came....

I'm in debrief mode right now. I'm in work mode right now. I'm in cope mode right now. I am in playing hard to get mode right now. I am in love with myself mode right now. And just like a Rahsaan Patterson song...It Feels Good...
I love my aunt so much. She gives me life.

back in a flash.
transition is almost complete.

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kennyking78 said...

This is such a great pic of you and your aunt? Is this recent? You look GREAT!