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From The Vault: In The Mix With Trent

Originally Aired: Friday 4/14/06

Trent is in rare form when he goes off on everything from his Sprint Phone Bill, Michael & Janet Jackson, Mohammad Ali selling his name, June Pointer and hanging out with Kenny & Chante Lattimore. In usual fashion he provides a funny Friday Fone Tap, Plenty of shot outs, more skin care tips and gives advice to listeners!

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Tru Sinceer said...

Trent, Trent Trent! You are so inspiring...although this is a CLASSIC vault show there is yet so much growth in your current presentation and I admire your growth!

This is Tru Sinceer and as a result of being such a faithful listener you've inspired me to create my pwn blog...check it out and share your thoughts!

Tru Sinceer