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A Song I Wrote...

In my mind I am always doing great things for my friends and never tell them I am doing it. Not that I do things for recognition, but it's nice to be acknowledged for the good work and the good deeds that you do.

Last year a good friend of mine was breaking up with his ex...and I knew that it was coming a year before it happened. I remember he called me in the middle of the night while he was driving and we were just talking...and I knew that he wanted out of his relationship.

A few months later, when I finally met his boyfriend, I didn't like him. I never told my friend that I didn't like him...but I just didn't like his overbearing energy. I immediately thought, Mariah Carey v. Tommy Motolla.

Last September someone asked me to pen a few songs to shop to a few artists. And I immediately thought of my friend and his situation and penned this song that I decided to keep for myself...primarily because it was personal and I didn't tweak the lyrics enough...

He called me one day and I could tell that he was heavy...and really couldn't express all what he was thinking/going through...but I knew what he wanted to say.

Something I have to Say
Written By: T. Jackson for Winter At 712 Music Publishing ()
(C) 2008

Verse 1
I'm so through with giving in.
Compromised myself for far too long.
There's gotta be a better way,
and I know it's not here so I can't stay.
lost time, can't get it back,
my life I've got to live.
Can't hold myself back no more.
I'm not in love so sad to say.

Good Times we shared
just know that I still care
be there for you
memories will stay
both good and bad
i just wanted it to last
it's okay - cause my hearts in tact...

And I love you
but i can't stay with you
i love somebody else
but it's me that i see
gotta love me for me
something you can't do for me...
and I love you
gotta stay friends it's true
I'm outta love with you
Can't take no more questioning is it me, is it u
that's really trippin see...

Verse 2
So I
gotta move on and let it go
just gotta take time you know
learned a lotta lessons so
I gotta do me and understand him clearly
now i sit asking who's to blame
for this silly little game, we seemingly played
we'll always have that time & space
I wanna go back...
but I can't revisit it

(repeat bridge)
(repeat chorus)

So many nights I prayed
your love would stop being so one sided
like the time when we first met
you loved me and you cared you were always there
but some where down to the last line
you gave up the dream of you and me
no longer were we first prize...
i thought you were my lifetime...

(repeat chorus 4x)
(ad libs)

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