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Thank You Karrine.

Many people don't believe me when I tell them that I've never been fucked in the @$$! Not that, that this topic comes up in casual conversation, or even in my circle of mental friends. Usually when I am dating guys, they assume I am a strict an utter bottom simply because of the reputation that proceeds me and whatever mood I am in that particular moment when they meet me. And most are suprised to find out that I have a strong wave of testosterone that you'll never see coming.

Number one, I won't ever deny the fact that the attempt has been made, but because I don't relate my homosexuality to sex - I will not allow myself to share my body in such an intimate way without having a connection. Period

I've had 3 boyfriends. Countless jump offs. That sounds crazy saying that...but it's reality. I've never wanted to be fucked by a countless jump off. A guy that was just on the prowl to hit ass because that made him a top and validated his gay card. In all of my insecurity, I some how maintained my "virginity" (which I put in quotes because most wont classify me as a virgin. But clearly since I do want to be fucked one day, [lol] i'm a virgin) and I am very happy that I have it in tact. I know it will definitely enhance the experience of my love for the man that i choose to be with...

In all of the crucially critical judgement that surrounds her name, Karrine Steffans understands some of my view point. On her blog entry (intended for women), an excerpt from her upcoming book, "The Vixen Manual" (in which I'll be purchasing, just for the inner bitchslut that lives in me) she talks openly about anal sex.

Now, I am usually an advocate for the adage "don't knock it 'til you try it," but in this case, I have to withdraw my advocation. Anal sex is not the sort of thing you just try, it is an event, a massive undertaking and a sex life-changing moment.

Anal sex, ladies, is not for the faint and certainly not for the woman who runs from pain. However, for those who have braved the initial shock of having something go in their out door, it becomes an exciting addition to their sexual adventures in marriage -- and I say "in marriage" because this is not the sort of thing you want to try with some guy who's just going to leave you in three months. No, this is strictly husband-and-wife, 'til death do we part stuff!

The orgasms alone may repay brave women for their dedication and, as with all fetishes and sexual practices, couples that participate find themselves further tied by their adventurous trusting of one another.

-thank you Karrine.

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