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Ask Me And I Might Tell You...

I get it.

Most people don't. And I'm good with that. Last week, Thursday March 12, 2009 to be exact, I was at home, alone, in my bed, in the middle of the afternoon, with no car, no job and a depleted savings account. Fickle Internet service, and 3 anytime minutes courtesy of T-mobile. Needless to say I was a wreck. And on the eve of the return of Saturn (my 27th birthday) I found myself, with my windows, blinds, and door open, crying out to God.

You heard what the fuck I said!!! CRYING OUT TO GOD! Not because I didn't have anything or because I was broke. We've all heard the stories of people crying out to God...and I've always laughed at them, cause in my mind I'm like "Girl yeah right!"

Trust me, it's a true fact. If you're on the outside looking in you may think that I am on a desolate road to tragic oblivion - but I was crying out because I am thankful. I am so grateful and thankful for my life, for it is rich and abundant. I was crying out because I could have been dead. I was crying out because I have talent, THAT NO ONE CAN SNATCH FROM ME. I was crying out because I have peace of mind, I was crying out because I am the different one, I was crying out because I am responsible, I was crying out because God allowed me to come out the winner, to come out the victor, the unstoppable, unshakable force that could not be broken. I was crying because I am the real muthafuckin deal - and I was crying because I am comfortable with me.

Last summer, when I died, most of you didn't get what was really going on and since some of you asked, I will tell you all about it in my new book....

But this week a lot of shit has been going on. Family shit, the same recycled shit that keeps popping up. And as usual, since I am the only one with logical sense I was there to deal with it, do the right thing and move on. I'll talk about it on my show on Wednesday so make sure yall muthafucka's got yall headphones plugged in.

I'm well. I'm fine. I'm grateful. My life couldn't actually be any better.

It is imperative that we become responsible for own actions.
It is imperative that we admit.
It is imperative that we let go.
It is imperative that we learn how to shut the fuck up and not say shit.
It is imperative that we learn how to keep shit to our fuckin' selves.
It is imperative that we only handle our own responsibilities.
It is imperative to FOLLOW YOUR GUT INSTINCTS.
It is imperative to cut off things and people that drain us...
It is imperative that we recognize the cycle and not fall into that shit.
It is imperative that we get fresh air daily.
It is imperative to watch what we think and speak...they are already actions.
It is imperative to GIVE thinking and speaking POSITIVE, AFFIRMING thoughts.
It is imperative that we DON'T ALWAYS ANSWER THE PHONE.
It is imperative to make eye contact. For it always gives us the answers we need, not want.

Thank you to my daily inspirations. I appreciate you so very much and your existence in my life.
DuWayne, Amanda, Lalah, Rahsaan, Lynn.

Have a great weekend.
Ryan Leslie
Lalah Hathaway(Self Portrait)
Rahsaan Patterson (Love In Stereo in particular)
all have created phenomenal music, listen to it and free yourself.

We are too great to be caught up in this bullshit. recognize it and flush that shit...

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