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Midnight Meltdown Show 2 "The Hush"

tonight's show is dedicated to Minneapolis!


The Return Of Saturn...

has occurred

The Truth Elixir...

is being brewed as we speak.
in other words...ya dude is back at work.
new show coming...2nite


On The Comeback Trail....Witty Wednesday...Season 7 Pre-Show

I must admit that it felt really good to get back into the studio this morning! It's been a while and I just wanted to leave you guys a quick note as I finish up my projects. I really appreciate your support!!!

Enjoy the brief show....and enjoy me this Friday for the SEASON 7 PREMIER of In The Mix With Trent!!!


Why I Will Not Submit...

As I feverishly put the the finishing touches on my new, latest and greatest project to date, I had to take a moment and share something funny with you. I was hanging out with some of my living inspirations a couple of weeks back and he pulled up the video displayed below on the computer...

Enjoy it...


So Let Me Tell You...

That I am way too fly to be caught up in bullshit and so are

I've enjoyed my month away from the "internet" so to speak...I needed the break.
I'll be back with a new set of shows next week...stay tuned.

I have a lot to tell you...