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i spent time with my sister today.
she reminded me of me.

i had an intimate conversation with my mother last night.
it set the both of us free.

things suspended in air that happened over time.
took the place of what use to be mine.

the past is there for a reason.
just as the future.
only if you choose to see it.

there comes a point when it is too late.

it was nice to see her smile for one quick moment.
but she quickly retreated.
still unable to accept genuine love.
she and my father had more in common than she realized.

but in recognition.
in all sincerity and love.
and humble respect.

i choose to live.

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JNez said...

i can very much relate to this. i'm glad you're sharing your refusal to live in the past with us on your blog here. continued healing to you...