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Season 7 Show 16 Friday Finale 06.26.09 "Remembering Michael"


Midnight Meltdown Show 14 "Progression"


Season 7 Show 13 Witty Wednesday 06.17.09 "Got It"

Trent talks about being flirted with, his father's death, eating humble pie, S.T.F.U. and relinquishing the life of secrecy and shame!


Midnight Meltdown Show 13 "The Get Right"

Maturity and growth in communication occur when you're able to express yourself clearly and assertively without being confrontational.

When you're able too sit down and listen with complete, sincere understanding to the other persons logic with out judging and becoming defensive.

This means being able to imagine yourself in their shoes and letting go of any harboring feelings.

But don't ever forget to make a mental note.


Season 7 Show 12 - Witty Wednesday 06.10.09 Low Key Spotted

Trent talks more about S.T.F.U., sings the cheers theme song and being spotted in the woods


Season 7 Show 10 - Witty Wednesday 06.03.09 "The Brew"

The Late Edition. Trent talks Xem Van Adams, people with mirrors on their desks, text messaging, Judas and hemorrhoids