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New Music Monday...

Clearly I told you last week that the record labels were playing like the weather is playing here in California. Who told these people that it was okay to release two albums a day early because of the "hype"? For everyone's melodramatic sake (my own) at least I'm hyped about Whitney Houston and Trey Songz debuting this week.

Trey Songz has been a contemporary favorite of mine since his debut in 2004. Out of his peers (Mario, Chris Brown, Marques Houston) Trey is the soul of the bunch. After watching the BET awards over the weekend, I was again reminded of Trey's talent as he sang along side Johnny Gill and Tyrese. Trey has a great amount of vocal control with the ability to effectively deliver a piercing, resonating tone that draws you into his lyrics. If you're not familiar with Trey's work, now is the time to get involved, especially if you are in love, want to be in love and enjoy sex. "Ready" his 3rd disc via Atlantic starts off letting you know that he is ready to fuck the dog shit out of you - and there is nothing wrong with that either, especially since Trey is making it clear, it's not about sex - it's about love.

His lead single, "I need a girl" a mid-tempo rich ballad in which Trey tells you exactly what he is looking for. I appreciate artists who are honest and sincere about what they interpret and deliver lyrically. In the song Trey puts his heart on the line and is vulnerable with his audience, something that he and Mario have in common. And Trey makes it okay for a young man in 2009 to have feelings and want to be in love, especially since his presence and image is almost hyper-masculine.

I love Trey's delivery factor. He really knows how to make you feel and believe what he is telling you, in my opinion Trey is the new face of R&B and he definitely is the underdog in the game, hopefully with this disc people will pay attention to what he is giving. If it were not for he and Mario new R&B would have no face. There are few male contemporary singers that really leave a lasting impression or mark with an era. While people may say Usher (clearly he was a product of last decade) or Chris Brown maybe Ne-Yo (our modern day Babyface) Trey Songz clearly needs to be at the top of this decades list of R&B male singers.

Production wise - his sound is current and has the perfect feel of what makes R&B, R&B. Although he has a couple of appearances by rappers (Drake, Fabolous & Gucci Mane) it doesn't interrupt the flow of the CD. What I appreciate about Trey is his ability to keep the integrity of R&B music by paying homage to greats. On "Yo Side Of The Bed" he channels his inner Prince during the "Purple Rain" era and does more than pull it off, it would make anyone who grew up in that era an instant fan of Trey and would remind them of what good music used to be like.

The disc an ultimate play through is perfect for the lover in all of us. "Ready," is the soothing summer sunset that will melt us right to the perfect cuddling weather of the fall and winter.

Standout Tacks: I need a girl, I Invented Sex, Neighbors Know My Name, Love Lost, Does He Do It.

I've always maintained that Whitney would comeback singing from the uterus in which Bobbi Kristina came forth, but this is not a comeback, this is a statement. A statement of Whitney's tenacity, a statement of her talent, her artistry and her ultimate ability to allow her music to speak for itself. I am so glad that Whitney put together an album that FEELS like Whitney. I have not "felt" Whitney on a project since her best (in my opinion) album, "I'm Your Baby Tonight", 19 years ago. WHITNEY IS HERE BITCH! I am so glad to see Whitney.

Quite honestly I wasn't sure what to expect from this CD, in fact I don't think anyone was. But it's what you should expect from an artist who has broken records, set trends, worked with the best producers, weathered the storms of life and has been in the business 25 years. For some artists (Janet, Madonna, Mariah, etc) who have that LEGEND status, what else can you do? You can do what Whitney did. Return back to your roots and sing about love and the things that you've been through on an honest and genuine level. It always works and your true intentions always come across. Whitney believes in this project and once you hear it, you'll understand what I'm talking about

Again, being honest, I wasn't expecting Whitney to sound like she did 25 years ago. Lets be frank, Whitney has not sounded "great" since 1990 at the top of her career. If you listen closely, she hasn't hit a top note since 1992 - and everything has been lowered since 1995 when she did "Waiting To Exhale" the recordings are there, I urge you to listen. This is no slight to Whitney. Whitney is the greatest voice of all time. And considering what she did, the songs that she's sang and singing those songs live around the world in all kind of conditions is going to wear your voice naturally. Look at what has happened to Mariah in a 10 year period. WHITNEY IS THE VOICE PERIOD. AND SHE STILL HAS IT.

She no LONGER has to SING songs in which she is belting a note to sound good or PROVE SOMETHING. It makes sense for Whitney to take a refined approach. She's a mid 40's woman, she can kick back and still sound good. She doesn't have to keep up with the current market, artist's like Whitney set the market's tone. And for those who think she can't sing "I Will Always Love You," in it's originality...I laugh at you in your face! She's done it before and she will do it again.

This is the perfect album for Whitney - it has success written all over it. Her drive and focus to make this project is apparent lyrically and vocally. She and Clive got great writers that have the ability to tap into the Whitney that we're all use to: graceful, majestic, stunning and captivating. They pull it off, seamlessly. My only complaint was Akon and "convict" coming across the fucking track. Akon, find out how old you are and sit down somewhere. How dare he brand A WHITNEY HOUSTON TRACK with that trash, Clive should have stepped away from the Menorah for a moment and told him "NO!"

Sidebar: Whitney on Oprah, is SHE GONNA KEEP IT BLACK GIRL HOOD? And how bad do we want to see Whitney on WENDY!!! Remember Wendy said in the infamous interview "Maybe one day Whitney, I'll have my own T.V. show." Whitney, "Have your answering machine call hers" and get it poppin. Gone ahead and make good on that "100 million dollar" bill and do some 1985 numbers on that ass!

"I Look To You" a complete play through from start to end in celebration of the classic Whitney in a 2009 world.

Standout Tracks: Million Dollar Bill, Salute, For The Lovers, I Didn't Know My Own Strength, Call You Tonight.


I Let Go Of His Hand...Part II

It was 10 years ago that I started at him intently. On my wall that is.
That photo of the 18 year old version of me. Ready to break free.
Ready to be liberated.
Free to live my life.
The determination.
The drive.
The Ambition.
The Focus.
The Attitude.
For the first time in my life I felt like I was alive.
For some reason I went back there for a moment - and quickly jumped back into his mentality.
Doing the things that 18 year old's do.
Quickly back in my old routine, deja vu, I've been here before.
Not really realizing that all of the answers are in my present.
For I figured this shit out already...what was I thinking?
But I got what I needed tho.
Thanks buddy.

I'm glad it didn't last too long. Thank God for allowing me to see the flags. In the forms of people...

who have all been there before...
there will always be a judas at your table.
i know who that muthafucka is.
and I've always known who I am.
this time...


New Music Tuesday!!!

I don't know what is going on. But I'll never or will try to understand what trick the record labels are playing in the 3rd quarter to make us spend our money. But on the strength of LeToya alone, I'm in!

LeToya (ex-communicated alumnus of the M.K.C.C. Matthew Knowles Concentration Camp) returns with her sophomore release "Lady Love" on the capital imprint...
I'm glad that she has finally stepped out of the shadows of Destiny's Child and made her own mark in R&B! I love an underdog story, but not only that, she puts out great music! On this disc, she doesn't follow the same formula as her first disc that she released 3 years ago. Her debut CD was more on the urban side, not that there is anything wrong with that, in fact I believed it worked in her favor, especially being a Houston girl and a former Destiny's Child member.

On "Lady Love" she talks about love lost, moving on - and coming into her own, a story we can all relate to. The 16 track set is a blend of urban & classic R&B with a groovy grown and sexy vibe that is refreshing, especially since the summer of R&B was bleak. Believe it or not, this DISC is a PLAY THROUGH! And since when have any of the R&B chicks gave one of those? Beyonce definitely hasn't done it (in which LeToya gives B a friendly shot out in her song) It's not a CD that instantly gives you that "bang" although some of the tracks do give you that "banger" factor. LeToya is definitely a girl that likes to have fun...but she also likes to kick it and chill. For the most part the CD has the kickback feel to it. "Lady Love" is a CD that you can definitely pop in on your way home from work and it can easily take you into the evening to complete your night.

Once you put the CD on there is no need to skip tracks, you're put at ease upon first listen - and you automatically fall in love with LeToya.

My favorite tracks: Regret, (the lead single featuring Luda) Good To Me, I Need A U, Take Away featuring Estelle, After Party & Love Rollercoaster featuring Mims

All in all, the good always prevails! I love the fact that LeToya has grinded and kept going when most would have just took the payout and fallen off into oblivion. LeToya is successful because she's humble, she's real - and she's genuine about what she does. I love her!!!

Closing that chapter...

I have finally decided to come out of my private drug den. For two years I have been addicted. I'm tired. I'm done. It was fun. No more Moet. No More Grey Goose. No More Patron. No More Ciroc on the more blowing money on bags of weed. No more freeloaders over to the spot for a good time.

I'm done living the pop life...goodbye and goodnight.


digital transition...memo late as usual

I am doing what i can to survive the digital glitch I am living. the analog life is no longer the modus operandi and for some strange reason, I'm still watching my VHS as if it's acceptable. I'm on twitter for god sakes. mad because i can't enjoy good music or interact like i once did...with real people that have real values.

lol...looks like that I have to go digital on these hoes.
something i didn't want to do.
but I have to face it. Karyn White isn't coming back.
But Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton, Faith Evans and Christina Aguilera are.

The countdown is on...


it happened

we have something beautiful.
no one else knows about.
it's between me and you.
that's what we like about it.

we met at our spot.
in open space...
taking in all that was around us.
basking in what was in front of us.
recognizing it for what it is.

you're teaching me how to appreciate the small things...
so i can know how to appreciate the big things.

i never said it.
but you know it.
you made my day...

with you silent...but strong presence.
your warm, gentle touch.
the spark in your eye...
your smile.
thank you for being you.

thank you for listening.
thank you for engaging.
thank you for understanding...
thank you for the laughs...
thank you for making it easier.

what will you do next?


i forgot today was thursday.

usually when i am on a 6 day work week, the days run together. which is one reason why i forgot today was thursday.

i was supposed to be at work. but instead, i switched my off day to today. he called me and told me that he wanted to meet with me about a project. and that's what it came to. me creatively working out and sealing the deal to my fate on one of my "emo" days. lol...

it didn't start that way considering how my night ended. once the unusual off day was set in stone, i got a text from him, who suddenly had a jonesin' for trent after we both decided in april that "it" wasn't going to work. he was annoying to me and i was too weird for him.

all of that must of changed, when i was caught off guard in my building elevator when he was coming to my floor for a job interview. who would have thought that four months and 30 pounds later, he still had my number?

and just because i needed to bust one he was in my bed, against the wall, just like they all end up...taking fat boy dick for hours mesmerized by my performance oral and phallus wise. and after all of that he thinks he's gonna get the inside track to the job he's not getting...again, he went into that interview doing the same shit on our date. talking that bullshit. just when he thought that i was a notch on his belt, he still needed me in the end and he's the one that got fucked...literally. the same people that you cross on the way up will be the same hoes that you cross on the way down. judas will do it to himself. and people who set traps will only and always trap themselves.

luckily for me, I can sleep at night. and you need judas to fulfill your mission. if it wasn't for the blank sexual encounter with nothing more than physical satisfaction, i wouldn't have come to the swift realization that the next person that i choose to have sex should be a person that I am in a relationship with. i am getting to old for the bullshit.

life is good.
i want to be n love.
and I jointed twitter.

now i can go catch the 11:00 news. only the first 10 minutes are good.



i saw you upon sight. but i ignored you.
i knew your kind. i knew your type.
but not typical.
suit. tie. mean mug.
remnant of this guy right here.
but you ignored.
thus, the chase began.

you appeared again.
like a baby crying for it's mother.
i vied for your attention.
no progress.
no budge.
i left it alone.

time moved like a new york minute

you hit the corner.
i, in my element
guard down.
our eyes met
unintentional a mutter
and a bright moment of hope
that immediately became an after thought.
but back to the day you turned around.
you can run...but you can't hide.

our eyes met.
a friendly glance turned into a simple conversation.
which turned into a forward motion,
that led to things in common.

but limited.

i get it.
a little at a time.
you're teaching me patience.

i think time is limited.
you say we have all the time in the world.

i opened my door,
you came in.
i closed the door...
you're still here.

right when i least expected it.


hi in there....i'm grateful!

i'm happy. lol...
for real tho.
i'm content. i'm happy. i'm blessed.

today i'm grateful for my life.
after all the shit...
all of the things that I've been through in my life...
have prepared me for the next level. I am there...walking right into it.

i'm just sitting here amazed at how fast my sister has grown. i love that little girl. God is amazing. He brightened my life with this little girl that I was so excited to meet. to see what she looked like. to see if she would like she has allowed me to heal that wounded little boy that lived inside of me. that insecure kid who still ruled my life...up until recently. that kid that carried around being molested, missing his daddy, being called fat, stupid. the kid that carried that rejection. that ruled me up until recently. having her around made me give her all of the things that i didn't get as a kid growing up.

one day i was playing with her...and she looked at me with this pleased look on her face. and simply said "I'm glad you're playing with me." and it made me cry. as i child at 7, i remember being vividly lonely and sad. she won't have to go through any of the emotional shit that I went through. I paid the price for

but the beauty of that is having people like my uncle support me. having a perfect stranger flirt. hearing my mother apologize. for hearing that person smile when i call them on the phone. making eye contact with someone for the first time and feeling a connection. hearing that you've made someones day. befriending the person that you grew up watching on tv. it pays to pay the price. all of the things that ultimately matter...are all there, present in my life.

for all of the friends i thought i had. the ones that said they understood. for all the ones that used me. for all of the ones who talked about me behind my back. the ones who slept with my mates. for the ones who wrecked my friendships. the ones who laughed in my face and said i would never write a book. there is this guy that i know named josh, who will always have my back no matter what. and it's good to know that no matter what happens in life there will always be someone who does understand. and is loyal to the end.

now as i stand in the threshold of old and new...a new challenge stands before that i'll keep to myself. he's more than an afterthought.

i finally like what i see.
it feels good to finally
and do
loving without any limits.
not having any regrets...
living my life beyond the limits
that i thought had been set.
acknowledging him in all i do...
it wouldn't make sense if i didn't.
how else did i get through?
i've made up my mind
that now is the time
to prove to myself
that all that i've been through
will be put to good use.
out with the old
and in with the new...
i'm staring now...
no longer having a point to prove.

Midnight Meltdown Show 17 "Laidback..."

when you are just enjoying your life as it is....ready for the next level. You've prepared for it long enough.