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i saw you upon sight. but i ignored you.
i knew your kind. i knew your type.
but not typical.
suit. tie. mean mug.
remnant of this guy right here.
but you ignored.
thus, the chase began.

you appeared again.
like a baby crying for it's mother.
i vied for your attention.
no progress.
no budge.
i left it alone.

time moved like a new york minute

you hit the corner.
i, in my element
guard down.
our eyes met
unintentional a mutter
and a bright moment of hope
that immediately became an after thought.
but back to the day you turned around.
you can run...but you can't hide.

our eyes met.
a friendly glance turned into a simple conversation.
which turned into a forward motion,
that led to things in common.

but limited.

i get it.
a little at a time.
you're teaching me patience.

i think time is limited.
you say we have all the time in the world.

i opened my door,
you came in.
i closed the door...
you're still here.

right when i least expected it.

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