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i forgot today was thursday.

usually when i am on a 6 day work week, the days run together. which is one reason why i forgot today was thursday.

i was supposed to be at work. but instead, i switched my off day to today. he called me and told me that he wanted to meet with me about a project. and that's what it came to. me creatively working out and sealing the deal to my fate on one of my "emo" days. lol...

it didn't start that way considering how my night ended. once the unusual off day was set in stone, i got a text from him, who suddenly had a jonesin' for trent after we both decided in april that "it" wasn't going to work. he was annoying to me and i was too weird for him.

all of that must of changed, when i was caught off guard in my building elevator when he was coming to my floor for a job interview. who would have thought that four months and 30 pounds later, he still had my number?

and just because i needed to bust one he was in my bed, against the wall, just like they all end up...taking fat boy dick for hours mesmerized by my performance oral and phallus wise. and after all of that he thinks he's gonna get the inside track to the job he's not getting...again, he went into that interview doing the same shit on our date. talking that bullshit. just when he thought that i was a notch on his belt, he still needed me in the end and he's the one that got fucked...literally. the same people that you cross on the way up will be the same hoes that you cross on the way down. judas will do it to himself. and people who set traps will only and always trap themselves.

luckily for me, I can sleep at night. and you need judas to fulfill your mission. if it wasn't for the blank sexual encounter with nothing more than physical satisfaction, i wouldn't have come to the swift realization that the next person that i choose to have sex should be a person that I am in a relationship with. i am getting to old for the bullshit.

life is good.
i want to be n love.
and I jointed twitter.

now i can go catch the 11:00 news. only the first 10 minutes are good.

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