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New Music Tuesday!!!

I don't know what is going on. But I'll never or will try to understand what trick the record labels are playing in the 3rd quarter to make us spend our money. But on the strength of LeToya alone, I'm in!

LeToya (ex-communicated alumnus of the M.K.C.C. Matthew Knowles Concentration Camp) returns with her sophomore release "Lady Love" on the capital imprint...
I'm glad that she has finally stepped out of the shadows of Destiny's Child and made her own mark in R&B! I love an underdog story, but not only that, she puts out great music! On this disc, she doesn't follow the same formula as her first disc that she released 3 years ago. Her debut CD was more on the urban side, not that there is anything wrong with that, in fact I believed it worked in her favor, especially being a Houston girl and a former Destiny's Child member.

On "Lady Love" she talks about love lost, moving on - and coming into her own, a story we can all relate to. The 16 track set is a blend of urban & classic R&B with a groovy grown and sexy vibe that is refreshing, especially since the summer of R&B was bleak. Believe it or not, this DISC is a PLAY THROUGH! And since when have any of the R&B chicks gave one of those? Beyonce definitely hasn't done it (in which LeToya gives B a friendly shot out in her song) It's not a CD that instantly gives you that "bang" although some of the tracks do give you that "banger" factor. LeToya is definitely a girl that likes to have fun...but she also likes to kick it and chill. For the most part the CD has the kickback feel to it. "Lady Love" is a CD that you can definitely pop in on your way home from work and it can easily take you into the evening to complete your night.

Once you put the CD on there is no need to skip tracks, you're put at ease upon first listen - and you automatically fall in love with LeToya.

My favorite tracks: Regret, (the lead single featuring Luda) Good To Me, I Need A U, Take Away featuring Estelle, After Party & Love Rollercoaster featuring Mims

All in all, the good always prevails! I love the fact that LeToya has grinded and kept going when most would have just took the payout and fallen off into oblivion. LeToya is successful because she's humble, she's real - and she's genuine about what she does. I love her!!!

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