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...Before The Party

I am worth more than a booty call. He helped me realize that when he was on knees throating my dick like it would be his last supper. He lacked technique and was too eager, which meant that he was too amped about sex.

I'm a lover. I long for the days that I wake up to him. The perfect everything...only because he knows about life. About working hard to get where he wants to go in life. He may have a couple of battle wounds to show for his dedication to the craft, but it wouldn't be a turn off because he took it as a learning lesson, not a road block.

I wasn't turned on by his mouth. But I was turned on by him. Spending time with him brought me back to the day we met in April...a spark that is still on...that I have to catch before it blows out.

As I get dressed to go out tonight...I'll make sure I'll be aware of the spark...just in case it shimmers like the moon tonight.

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