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I get it... #1

you always knew what you were doing.
you knew the answer before everyone else.
I thank God for sending you to our family.
I thank you for paying the price before me.
I thank you for teaching me and showing me to pursue my arts.
I thank you for allowing me and showing me to be me.

you know when I saw Dalton the other day at the funeral he reminded me of
that blue microphone and speaker that Efrem bought me in 1986...and he also reminded me that I used to sing the entire Control

it's funny how some things stick with you.
the good
the bad
the hurt
the pain
the agony
the clarity

the clarity

the clarity that you always seemed to have had
the clarity that you used to drop seeds so when the time was right...
the clarity...turned into mine.

i'm keeping an eye on our moms...your so more than mine. tough love is always in order.
looks like things are finally coming back together in our family.
it's a shame it took a murder
and more death for us to even get to this point.

you died doing what you knew I had the strength to do all this time.

what a fuckin set up!! lol...i love you though and besides it provides great writing material.

i thought about you just like i do every day...
living out my dreams like that little ambitious kid that you sew the outfit for in senior sewing class...

that kid that you used to take to the mall...
that kid that was protected, loved and challenged by you.

I found all the good in him...I let go of everything else.

when i talked to lalah today i just stood there for a moment...just like i always do.
it was in your room...1702 Gladwick St.

1990, CD's were
and you said, listen to her. You'll like I'm friends with her.

just as you always knew what you were doing.
you knew the answer before everyone else.

i miss you T.
and thank you for always being there...
i get it now

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