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Season 8 Show 24 Witty Wednesday 12.30.09 "Reflecting"


Season 8 Show 22 Friday Finale 12.18.09 "Washed Out"

Hey everyone!

So I went to the studio this morning and came up with this CRAP. I DON'T LIKE SERVING CRAP, but I didn't want to be a no show either...needless to say I'll be in the sauna this weekend sweating this shit out.

Have a good weekend...


Season 8 Show 21 Witty Wednesday 12.16.09 "Countdown To Meltdown"



There is something refreshing being up on any day of the week at 4 am...
it's just you.
connection with life.
with god.
the music that makes you happy.

the feeling of peace.
the feeling that makes you want to dance around your room...
cause no one is watching.

the feeling of comfort.
cause you know you made the right decisions...
and treated people right.

the feeling of love.
because you love yourself.
and there is so much inside that it's flowing out...
you're ready to give it.


Season 8 Show 20 Friday Finale 12.11.09 "That Was Then"

Just Had To Stop For A Minute....

And say thank you lord so much for your grace and mercy.
For your discernment and understanding.
Your unyielding love and omnipresence in my life.
For the hindsight that only you bring at the appropriate times.
I can not even begin to thank you enough for your blessings and protecting me, because it would have, should have been me.
I am only here because i acknowledge your presence in my life.
Thank you lord.


What I Know

a real artist lives and creates material. - trent jackson

You know...

It has been a good long minute since I've sat down to write.

I write every day, whether it be notes to myself, a witty twitter comment or some banterous jargon that I come up with to make someone feel like shit.

My blog became popular because I wrote. 5 Years ago - when that happened. Writing that in itself is humbling, funny and inspiring. It's the ONLY CONSISTENT (inconsistently consistent) thing i've done this whole time....write.

Just sitting here. Silence. Besides the Minnie Ripperton playing in the back ground. Dim lights and reflections all around me, I suddenly feel like that 22 year old kid that I used to be, excited to write. With all of the hope, ambition and courage in the world. No one could tell me NO! Because I knew that I was right. I knew that I had a right to live, a right to be who I was - and express it the way I chose.

For a while I let this part of me die. I forgot how to write. I didn't want to write anymore. I was mad that I had been given this "thing" and it had done nothing but brought me more madness. I had no clue of what my gift could really do for me, until I became...

Suddenly, this lesson that we all have to go through called, learning life had been put on hold. All of the issues that I was learning to deal with had been ignored by "the fame," that I created. An ugly thing it was. lol...

Suddenly I became a person I did not recognize.

That same boy that I was dealing with, that didn't have a daddy, surfaced and wasn't going away like he used to.

And every move that I made was related to that little boy that never grew up.

I'm learning how to write all over again. Something like, learning to swim all over again, "Finally I believe that I can..." the lyric that she wrote.

Clarity is a beautiful thing - and it should be cherished.

Love is something that we all know how to do. Something that we are all capable of giving and receiving.

It's better when you know yourself. that makes so much of the difference.


more to come...