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Season 8 Show 26 Season Finale "Stronger With Each Year"


at this moment

i know that i can do this.
i know that i can beat this.
but i need help.

it feels good to have people in your life that really know you.
for the last couple of days i've been reminded, that people do love me, they do care and they want the best for me. sometimes more than i want it myself.

i appreciate people that know what to say, without me explaining shit!

as i look back at my friendships and relationships, i am always left puzzled why people weren't there the way for me, like i was there for them. not saying i'm perfect, because I've done my share of dirt too. but overall, i'm a good friend. i'm a good son. i'm a great person...

and even after all of that, i still don't feel worthy or accepted
or get the credit that i truly deserve for holding this shit together.

here i go...
about to let go again.

i've come to realize that i can only save myself...
it's weird how you can be strong for everyone else, except you.


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