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no more...

i've never really been into valentines day. maybe that's because i'm usually always single. this year was no different. we broke up right after the new year - and it wasn't anything bad or dramatic. sometimes people are just better off as friends, but more so need time to get their own shit together and only responsible people make decisions like that. i'm working on my 3rd book project, he's still finding himself. we both are in a sense.

he called me this morning unexpected and told me happy valentines day. it made me smile, because i wasn't expecting it - but it was also good to hear his voice. what i like about him most is his assertiveness, his confidence that is always taken as cockiness. either way it makes my loins froth to the max. he wanted to come over, which is cool because I want to see him before I get too busy with "pop life".

he came to pick me up around one and we headed up to the palisades to a nice spot that we etched out and made our own near temescal canyon and pacific coast highway. it was nice to hear and watch him speak. the curl of his lips always did something to me... it was like watching a well oiled machine work to perfection.

after a few hours in the sunlight and catching up on the last month, he cornered me into cooking. we headed back down to the city and picked up a few items from the grocery store...

i picked something easy that was going to take 45 minutes or less, i have a rule, i don't cook on weekends, PERIOD.

don julio & lime seasoned chicken tenders wrapped in jalapeno jack cheese and bacon. some wild rice, baked yams and green salad.

silly me, i wasn't expecting to have sex. in fact, i didn't want to. i had one too many margaritas and i was tired. we were in the bed (the itis had set in) watching my new favorite program "archer" if you haven't seen it, you're missing out! the writing is brilliant. if you are fan of quit wit and verbal obliteration, then this show is for you.

next thing i know his left hand is touching my dick.

now i'm usually down for that...but here is where i get pissed. don't have me thinking that we're just hanging out...when you secretly have motive. either you could have just said i want to spend time with you or lets have sex, both. don't make me do marriage shit just to bust a nut and go home. especially on valentines day!!! what kind of a sick game is this?

nonetheless, because i hadn't mentally prepped for sex, i didn't perform well. besides, who has sex on a drunk full stomach??? he came i didn't. i guess i did perform well. it's the last time we are ever having sex. especially since he likes to say shit like, "you suck dick better than a girl." ugh...duh nigga. i'm a man, i know what head is supposed to feel like.

at least the food i made was good. i'm on the countdown.

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