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the air is pure.
the sun is shining.
and i no longer have a use for my shades.
i gave them to someone that...
used to look like me.
they, like it, my old look,
had to be relinquished.
like the sweat pants.
and the plaque of negativity,
that took captivity of my body
for what felt like forever.
i finally had enough gall to do it.
to put an end to it.
to throw the crutches down.

to the noise
that always seeming came through people.
lucifer knows the word just as the righteous
if not better.
and if you don't tap into your spiritual sense...
to know the difference between
the flock and the herd
the sovereign and the minions.

i made it.
i was scared.
i felt like crying
but the still voice inside of me said do it.

i thought about where i was this time last year
how i felt
what i was going through...
and i made it through.
i was reminded of what someone said to me
at my birthday party.

"the floor below you had to break
so YOU can rebuild YOUR foundation -
now watch all of the good things that are
getting ready to come"

the last month,
that has made sense.
for once, someone
acknowledged what i did...

and not that we do things for that reason,
but a lot of the times we all feel that we do things
that positively affect everyone,
and know one notices
they take it for granted
and start to abuse it.

but i followed my voice
i jumped
and landed on my feet.

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