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Secret Rendezvous: Mediterranean on 8th

I've been telling yall hoes for the longest that Karyn White lives!! Anyway, thats not what this post is really about. But I'm sure down the line, in the very near future, I'll be doing a feature on Karyn. She alone revolutionized the weave in the 90's! Don't trip.

Even though the cheers theme song hasn't been at the top of my I-tunes playlist for the last couple of weeks, there are always a few moments that I hold dear to my heart. Over the past few years, I've learned the meaning of true friends. It's been a hard, long, windy, chaotic road to the point that I'm at today. But I'm very grateful of the people who didn't judge. Who listened, who supported, motivated and gave light in my darkest hours. And even if we don't talk now and you're reading this, I'll never forget the part that you've played and I thank you for the experience.

In the business that I'm in - you have to keep your friends close and befriend your enemies, while playing the game and almost risking everything to get to the place that you want to be at. I always question if it's worth it. But it doesn't matter if it's destined.

While I was in New York last week, I had the opportunity to kick it with not only a colleague but a friend in the business. Most of my friends and family, really have no understanding or concept of how the business or industry works, so only another person who knows the get down can empathize with you - which is a priceless thing to have, because you go through so much and almost all the people you have to meet you can't say shit to, because everyone knows each other and people will do anything to get further, including fuck over you. So when you find someone that is in the industry and also a friend again, it's a priceless blessing.

I met him a little over 5 years ago when my first book came out. I became a fan of his work and we kept in touch over the years and he even drove from Jersey to hangout with me in Philly once when I was on a layover going to Europe! That meant a lot to me, thats a genuine person there! We had drinks, he drove me around and it etched a memory in my mind forever. I'll always be appreciative of that and I'll never forget it.

It's always great seeing him - and it's always a positive, refreshing experience. It's cool that he calls me "Mr. Terence" lol...sometimes I go wanna go where people know my name and they're always glad I came...don't we all?

I was in Manhattan after I finished up a meeting and without warning, I texted him "What are you doing for lunch?" crazy right? After a brief exchange about me being in the city he told me to meet him in midtown and we'd grab lunch. So I met him on Park and 57th and it  the start of a good day.

We met up a little after 12:00 and walked the hustlin', bustlin' streets of N.Y.C. passing the Trump Towers, The Sony Building, The Tiffany Store (in which I really should have dropped off my piece to get cleaned) and headed up 8th street to the Meze Grill. It was a superb, high quality, wholesome meal that helped alleviate my nausea! Every time I go to N.Y.C. I swear I always vomit...go figure! But it's a good spot, it's different from the typical food we're all used to eating. If you're ever in the area, try it out.

But it was super good seeing him. And it gave me the juice I needed to comeback with my new projects full force.

Always surround yourself with people that not only understand you, but support your vision and give you constructive feedback. And always remember that 9 times out of 10 your closest friends live no where near you. Never forget that you don't have to talk to a person every single day to be close with them...

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Ladynay said...

Last paragraph was sooooooooo true! I co-sign all over that.