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bitch ass.faggot ass.punk ass.pussy ass.bitch ass nigga!!!

As much as I attempt not to address haters, I have to...just for venting purposes. Cause errynowandden a muthafucka wanna get slick and try you. Even I know not to cross myself...but anyway, leave it up to a bitch ass, faggot ass, punk ass, pussy ass, bitch ass nigga!!! So when I relocated, I chose a city that I liked and at least knew 5 people once I made my decision, I called up one of my closest friends from undergrad and told him I wanted to move, he said "come on". Not that I was basing my sole decision on him, but because we had a lot in common (or so i thought) i was like what the hell? And when you think you have a relationship with someone that has spanned a decade, you don't think people will attempt to shade you...

Before I decided to jump L.A.'s sinking ship, I had already planned to visit the city for my b-day, because it had always been a dream of mine to spend one of my b-day's out of we (he and I) had come up with some idea's for our b.days since they fall a day apart.

So anyway, I got here February 26th - and as soon as I got here I noticed him being obviously distant - saying that we were going to hookup and he never called or showed, so I got the hint. And I didn't press the issue. I already had things lined up and a master to plan to unleash when I got here and I wasn't taking any prisoners...or chasing someone who obviously didn't want to be bothered. Out of all the people that lived here already, he was the only one that didn't welcome me with open arms. And considering that we shared a considerable amount of time together in college, he gave no indication that he would flip...but thats people fro you, right?

He called one day, close to our birthdays. His birthday fell on Friday mine on Saturday. He had already stated to me that he was going out on Friday night and I told him I would attend, since I wanted to do a Saturday brunch - which is what I did. So long story short, why did I call this muthafucka on Wednesday March 10th and ask him about plans, even though I knew that he was doing something different and I obviously wasn't invited. This black bitch fixes his mouth to say, "Oh I'm doing brunch on Saturday morning, what are you doing?" 

I haven't talked to him since, no need - you've shown me your cards and clearly you have a royal flush.

But what I don't understand is why 60 days ex post facto, he's telling our college friends that I moved and I hadn't even told anyone that I moved. I can count on my two hands, the people that know my exact location. It presents a problem, because the relationships I've maintained since college are weird now, because this muthafucka needs a reaction from me, cause he fucked up - and cant keep his mouth shut. Stirring shit up because he didn't think that I would delete him from my facebook, cellphone and move on with my life and stay focused and do what I moved here to do. 

Kick rocks bitch and keep my name out of your mouth. No shade, no love lost - I just don't fuck with your tired ass.

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