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One thing is for sure, I've been enjoying my me time.

I have to admit, that the L.A. life style had me caught by the balls - and being from L.A. that shouldn't have really happened, especially since I know the game. Or so I thought.

This past week was my first time back in L.A. since I moved in February and I have to admit it felt good to be home for a minute and I got kind of emotional when I left, something that I didn't that was going to happen. After day two, I was honestly ready to go, because I don't like getting caught back up in routine. But it was good to spend time with my sister - and to really connect with my mother. She and I have seemingly been at odds since I can remember, but in all honesty it was good seeing my mother. I think moving away could have been the best thing, even if it means that me and my mother can actually have a productive, healthy relationship. I didn't realize mothers day was coming - in my mind I wanted to stay, but for once, my mother understands that I have to work and do my thing.

In a lot of ways I realized that my mother is very proud of me, for the first time she directly, but indirectly acknowledged my work. 5 years and 3 books later, she finally said something to me that hit home and gave me the validation that I've been needing from family for years. That validation is the exact fuel i needed behind this project.

I was also able to see my favorite uncle and his wife while in L.A. they were visiting from Europe and I haven't seen them since October - so the mini reunion was powerful. Going home was very humbling and it allowed me to refocus.

I haven't put a dent in my new city like I've wanted to, but that is what this summer is for...along with a book tour that I'm putting the finishing touches on.

I've been enjoying myself...a little stressed, but I'm a spazzer, what can I say? Everything is going well...


p.s. the season 9 intro is done...but I don't like it lol...

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