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There is something about taking a deep-cleansing shit that is cathartic. I know. Because I just had one. Not very many people know that I've been an active litigant for the last 3 years. Family mess. That I can almost talk about. THREE years of my life have been tied up and I had my breaking point in court today.

This was not the first time that the bailiff had asked me to be quiet. But today was the first time today he had to give me that nigga you betta quit trippin look. I was definitely turned on. 

Let me explain to you what type of drama queen I am. Mess...What did I wear to court? A designer hoodie, a pair of loose jeans, a military crop hat and of course the stunner shades. Who did I think I was? Why did I take the back entrance, for the shorter line? Why do I even know that...? Anyway. So - Because I can't go into specifics - just know it got messy.

I just put a few choice people on blast - and of course I asked the court "What straight man do you know that sucks dicks and downloads heterosexual porn?" "Clearly I'm A HOMOSEXUAL" I shouted and of course at that point I pulled off my sunglasses - since I already had to remove my hat. Anyway. I gave them their performance, exited the building and got in the tour door coupe. Hiding behind the tint.

When I pulled back into the driveway of my mothers house, I got out of the car without saying much to my uncle.

It's funny. The more you know, the more things stay the same, but change. Being back at home is interesting. Especially with my uncle being here too. I haven't since that living consistency since the mid 90's. It was weird because I already knew the outcome of the situations - the only thing was I had to assert myself, because if I didn't I would still be that same kid, that wanted to say something so bad, but didn't. I see that same face of wanting to say something when I look at my sister.

But I did assert myself today.

Today was the day that I told my mother, my biggest critic how I felt. My major gripe was explaining to her the treatment I get from not only her, but my sisters father, who happens to be the other litigant in the case. I raise their daughter, mind you I want nothing to do with kids, primarily because I've lived most of my 20's as I  child, I'm ready to be a real adult. But raising children is not in my immediate time table. 

"I get myself ready, I get her ready, make her lunch, do her homework, make her breakfast, take her to school and try to make it to work on time, write books, run a catering company..." She has two parents. Something was waaaaay off about this picture. Her father had the gall to call my mother and say I'm not coming the rest of the week, because "I know Tarrance is there." WHAT? Niggas have some nerve. People are so use to me being there...times changed.

I say all that to say...I am Derren DeVoe. Welcome to "Pop Life."

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