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I think I'm over it.

Whatever has been stirring up these feelings of the past have got to be done, there is a reason why people don't make it to where you are today and I'd be foolish to keep going back trying to get some answer to a question that has clearly has been answered. I trust in God 100% and when the time is right to get in touch with people that I've lost contact with for whatever reason, I'll see them again, in it's right time.

I always think about my best-friend from high school, Sara. She and I fell out early in the decade...(lmao) and it was difficult, because she had always been there. High school is a crazy time and you're fortunate to come out with close friends. She and I didn't talk for a whole 7 years - but I knew in my heart that we would be good again. We talked last year for the first time and got back on the same page and I kicked it with her recently when I was in NYC.

I've learned that we all have to go through motions, experience things with people, overcome situations and LEARN! Some people are meant to be there, others aren't. But the ones that count, the ones that know you, the ones that have your best interest, will always return...

I truly believe when you have a connection with someone, nothing can ever break that, no matter what happens, you can go months or years without talking, but when the time is right, the connection ignites like it never went out.

As I was approving and denying Facebook add requests, I immediately got "over it", almost going hard on people who have clearly disrespected me on some level - and I'm sure if I request some people they are saying the same thing when they see my smiling mug in their inbox.

When I talk about things, you should never get the impression that my hands are all the way clean, because chances are they aren't, it takes two to tango. Luckily for me dancing comes natural, so do a lot of other things, which is why people end up not fucking with me, because I always win and I tell shit like it is, while putting myself on blast.

The bottom line is, I've decided to let nature take it's course. I don't want to rush things, apply pressure or wish things would happen...I'll just let them happen. It's all laid out in the plan anyway.

Sit back, pop a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show. Things seem to work out better that way.
And why the fuck is Twitter over capacity at 11 at night? I'm warming up for the studio...

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