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Hump Day Meltdown

First off, I'm on my boy period, so I'm not in the mood. Thank God it's almost over.
  • I knew it was gonna be some bullshit today. I'm operating on 3.75 hours of sleep and i forgot my lunch. I make such a big deal not to be late anymore, I spazz in the process and subways aren't late! I need to hurry up and buy a car, before long it will be cold and snowing. And even though I am a dramkingqueen i love playing dress up! (fag shit) I love winter clothes. I subconsciously moved to the east coast just to participate in winter. Mittens, ear muffs, scarves, thermal underwear. Bitch it ain't a game, neither is this married man that keeps texting my phone...oh yeah, Part II of "If Yo Girl Only Knew" is coming soon, gotta keep yall mouvz watering, dicks hard and boy pussies wet.
  • I think the fact that writing is now my source of habitual and consistent happiness again, I need to get out all that has happened to me, so I can make room for the constructive things that life has to offer.
  • One of your favorite fag celebrities once told me "You're not strong enough and you're never going to make it." That was before he left my book and DVD on the table after I bought him lunch.
  • I had a conversation with a certain young man who I think is a phenomenal talent. Like he really inspires me. He has great energy and the fact that he thinks for himself gives me a platonic hard-on. He actually restored my faith and hope in Black Gay men. You'll see him soon on the cover of my new book, "Pop Life."
  • Speaking of "Pop Life." I want to start promotion, but that's just me jumping the gun.
  • I have a really great manager that knows me well.
  • I love the fact that my new job sent me a wonderful Bamboo plant. The note said "Welcome to the team! Come grow with us. It brought a smile to my face and it almost made me cry. I'm a softy - and it's rare that people grant kind gestures towards me. It actually set my week up to be fantastic. Can a nigga get his cheque tho?
  • I'm excited about visiting L.A. all I want to do is see my sister and hangout with her. I miss her. Now I want to cry. I love that little girl.
  • Hearing, talking or thinking about Michael Jackson depresses me almost instantly.
  • I think it's safe to say that Janet Jackson has retired from recording music. She is clearly uninterested. And so is Whitney Houston for that matter.
  • I felt the need to pray for Beyonce this week. I think her marriage maybe hitting some bumps.
  • And while I'm on Beyonce, Kelly Rowland is the real talent.But where is LaTavia Roberson? That bitch got her coins and bounced.
  • I facebooked #TheGreatestExEver this morning. I platonically miss him.
  • I want one of those Sandwich Wrap things...
  • I want to talk to my sister, but she don't give me much on the phone because her mother monitors everything like she's the fuckin' FCC. Ain't nobody trying to turn kids against you, you do that to yourself #crazy.
  • Do yo follow me on Twitter?
  • Let's say for instance, I say you can stay with me for the weekend and I agree to pick you up from the airport. I know what time your flight gets in, etc. The night comes and I show up 1.5 hours late...what do you do? We'll I called up my ex and went to his house, cause I don't wait on people for an hour without a phone call. What the fuck I look like?
  • "Pop Life" everybody needs a thrill.
  • There are some great people on twitter. Like @ReggieIsCrazy
  • I miss my uncle DuWayne and aunt Kay. I think I was successful in convincing my aunt to have a party this year. She'll be 60 and she doesn't look a day over 12. In fact everyone in my family ages well - I have a lot to look forward to.
  • Did you know that I have 12 aunts and uncles. They were my lesson in learning how to deal with people. 
  • I'm so fuckin pissed, whatever has been biting me needs to die. My elbow is swollen from the damn bite...whatever fuckin bugs those were at the bus stop attacking me and had me looking crazy fighting the air, won! Fair and square. I have the marks to prove it. I feel like one of those crazy emo white girl bitches that scratches herself until she draws blood to ease her imaginary pain. Go figure. :-|
  • J.Lo had hits. -Period-
  • I have a tendency to jump to crazy conclusions.
  • I think I'll organize my file cabinet at work after I finish
  • I need to finish reading my S.O.P. I know they are going to throw some shit at me to see if I've been reading up on my duties. Thats how #corporate does
  • I'm so (not) looking forward to my new eating/workout regimen to prepare for this tour. You think you know, but you really have no idea how hard it is to WRITE, PUBLISH, PROMOTE a book yourself. That shit is hard work, but it's fun...
  • I have a webcam in my office at
  • I work in an office full of men, there are like 40 of them. 2 are only dateable/fuckable.
  • You know, I am worth so much more than sex. Where are the real niggas at that wanna fall in love, travel and do some shit together. Can I have a boyfriend before the world ends in 2020?
  • Maybe we'll meet at a bar, he'll drive a funky car...maybe we'll meet at the club and fall so deeply in love.
  • I've been letting a lot of shit go lately. Especially pertaining to people that have crossed me. I forgive, but bitch that don't mean we cool.
  • I just want to have two patron margaritas, look in his eyes tell him I love him and dance all night. #onlyineuropetho U got a passport?
  • I'm going to surprise my mother and sister on a holiday cruise to the Islands. My sister is so international. She has watched me travel all of her life. I miss her! Omgee, I'm going to cry.
  • I have successfully "channeled" Karyn White. Now where the fuck is Marsha Warfield?
  • Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis are the best producers ever. I wonder if Lalah would ever cut a record with them!
  • I love Lalah.
  • Why hasn't Whitney ever worked with Jam & Lewis?
Okay I'm done spazzing now. Thank you for allowing me to take a dump in your toilet. I'll politely flush now.

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