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Introducing Shyori

Long before I knew who he was, I saw him and I knew there was something about him. A certain something that I couldn't put into words. He conveyed confidence, assertiveness and displayed humility that I've never seen before.

art-ist \är-tist\ (noun): A person who works in one of the performing arts, as an actor, musician, or singer; a public performer and a person whose art exhibits exceptional skill. Shyori, the Jamaican born, melodic, captivating, singer/songwriter understood the concept of artistry long before he decided to make his mark on the world with his own music.

Born to a Chinese- Jamaican Mother and an African-Jamaican Father, his multi-cultural background made Shyori unique in his own right and set the backdrop for vast musical exposure. At the tender age of 3 Shyori’s mother reached a turning point in her life and decided that she and Shyori relocate to the beautiful city of Miami Beach. Times could have been easier but Shyori’s mother was determined for him to have the best and to never settle for less than what he rightfully deserved.

Not musically gifted, his mother began to notice his inclination towards music at a very young age. “I used to put on shows for my mom’s friends and my aunts and uncles. My first major influence of course being Michael Jackson, I swore I knew how to moonwalk; which really was me dragging my feet across the ground backwards,” says Shyori and from that moment on he knew that he was destined to entertain. He began performing at school talent shows and recitals preparing for his future in the world of entertainment.

Being a natural risk-taker and never one to settle for less or to be boxed into a category, Shyori decided to be an openly gay artist, simply because his music is a reflection of himself and his life experiences. “When you first hear gay artist you automatically think of someone stereotypically gay. A flamboyant queen sashaying across a stage, and although that may work for some artist, that’s not me. To me music has no gender or race or sexuality. Our UK counterparts remember that, but in the U.S. I’ve noticed we are a little more trivial and it takes away from the art itself.”

Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Musiq Soulchild and Amy Winehouse – Shyori wants his music to reflect all the sounds that have inspired him including his roots of reggae.
His music, taken from the pages of his diary, provides an authentic universal appeal that is audibly absent in today’s market. “Music is music. I hate having to say I’m going to collaborate with a straight artist or a gay artist. At the end of the day we are all doing the same thing, just sex’n different people,” he laughs. “I plan to go all the way, touch people’s hearts, change people’s mindsets; legendary icons didn’t become icons taking the safe route. That’s my inspiration and it keeps me grounded”.

His debut, self-written single, “Love or War” chronicles the story of a helpless romantic who is at the crossroads in his relationship. “Love or War” is a genuinely rich introduction and a sign of things to come. Shyori’s warm, relaxing, intensely welcoming, yet gentle vocals blend impeccably over the bass and drum heavy R&B/Pop inspired track (a la Timbaland) that can easily go toe-to-toe with any current R&B male artist. It’s clear that his tone, style and sound place him in a category that’s been vacant since the early 90’s (Tevin Campbell) and would be a relief and refresher to mainstream radio.

Sit back and enjoy the ride on this musical journey. Destination, Shyori.

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