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Please excuse this interruption stunt while i spazz out.

This has got to be one of the most difficult yet fulfilling transitions that I've ever been through in my life thus far. I think this was one more of God's many way's of further getting my attention and showing me who I really am (and everyone else for that matter to). When I tell you that every emotion has been tested, every sensory action  has been sharpened and every word has carried it's weight in copper, gold, silver and platinum - trust and believe these last 7 months have been a true muthafuckin test.


People come and try to get in your brain, to see what you're thinking, how you process your thoughts...and the funny thing is, they blatantly tell you this and you're looking at them, like why the fuck do you need to know this information? Bitches, I'm here to tell you that it's only because they're mad that they can't run game on you and they are trying to get insider trading tips a la Martha Stewart from you, so you can tell them how to play you! Did you understand that? Don't say shit! These bitches are the walking dead and they are trying to steal your mojo so they can live. In fact tell them all they need to know, because after you tell them, they're still not gonna have a clue. I'm so tempted to tell these crazy, undiagnosed people when you see a real muthafucka enter the room, BOW DOWN BITCH! You're fake as a Gucci Bag on Canal Street in the 80's.

Sometimes, you have got to tell these hoes that you are not GOD - look to him for inspiration and motivation! I'm so tired of these lame ass uninspired, lost, tossed and driven people who have the slightest idea on how to be productive and happy in life coming to me for resolutions. I can't solve your problems, so stop asking me! If you think I can or I say something that resonates with you, follow the advice and don't go completely left of what I said, Cause if you're coming back to me looking silly as fuck, that's an automatic excuse for me to talk shit. UGH! If you're going to use my rulebook, use it as a tool for things to do and more importantly NOT to do.

Needless to say, I'm having a rough patch. I can't wait for August to be over and done with. Once it's over I can officially celebrate not falling into my annual summer depression that is borderline morbid. I feel as though the recurrence of things that I'm actively balancing and dealing with are trying to heighten just to see if I will succumb to my old ways of dealing with things, staying locked off in a room and eating until I've gained 100 more pounds...

Trying to stay balanced is difficult, especially when you know your triggers and you're trying to put the security on that hoe, so you wont accidentally pull it and set some shit off.

If it weren't for my uncle and Lalah today, I would have completely fuckin' lost it and somebody woulda got that ass fucked up, cussed out and woulda came up short.

And what the fuck is up with these muthafickin fags beefin' on twitter? Wait till Pop Life comes out. That will be something to muthafuckin' beef about. I'm calling out names bitch.

Back to regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for allowing me to take a shit in your toilet. I'll be sure to flush now.

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