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You know. I was in my office yesterday thinking about how far I've come.
It was a week ago that I noticed myself starting to get tired of working at a certain place. I noticed all of the red flags. I started not to care, I started to show up late. I started to take advantage of the fact that I was overly efficient at my job and one of the perks of being an over efficient employee is that one develops this delusion of grandeur that he or she is invincible and can come and go and do whatever they want as they please.

Not only was I bored and had a severe lack of interest, the amount of bullshit that came along with the position and the amount of money I was being paid, was more of an indication that it was time for me to jump off the train before it wrecked. Before long, I saw myself settling into the old employee I was in my early 20's: the benefits of living at home rent free and an occasional royalty check in the thousands that allowed me to stay at home and be reckless. Oh, how I wish I would have saved ALL the money I've gotten from "At This Moment".

I prayed hard one day at my desk. When I pray, it's more a conversation with one of my close friends. But I prayed and asked God to open doors for me, because I felt like doors were closing. I told him, I've been a good friend, I treat people right, I think it's time that I get some of the good I've put out back. I told him what I needed and within 24 hours it was done.

I got an email from a recruiter that contacted me earlier this year. I went on several interviews with the company. I interviewed extremely well and in fact, they were probably the best interviews I had ever been on in my entire life. I knew that I was a good candidate, but for some reason when I walked out the door, even though I felt fantastic, confident and the best I had ever felt after an interview, something told me I didn't get it.

I didn't feel defeated - I just tried harder. Even though that was difficult because I left my comfort zone in Los Angeles to move to the east coast, but this was apart of the moving process. Finding a job and starting a new life. I had one goal set: NOT TO EVER MOVE BACK TO LOS ANGELES FOR ANY REASON.

The truth of the matter is I hate Los Angeles. I love it for the fact that it has taught me everything I need to know on how to be successful. But it's a trap. It's a town full of fake, insecure, demonic, depressed, pressed and stressed people. The only thing I saw for myself was death or jail. I had to leave.

Fast forward 6 months...

So the recruiter emails me and asks me if I am still on the job market, even though I had a job that I was starting to hate, I smiled from ear to ear, because I knew God heard and answered my prayers. I simply replied "yes". I inquired more about the position and she told me that it was the initial position that I had originally applied for when I first moved here. She informed me that the candidate that they went with, with 20 years of experience didn't workout and I was the next contestant in line on the Price Is Right! No interview needed and would I be available to start immediately.

I almost bolted out of the door at my old job. I didn't care about my last week of pay or any of that. I was RET-TO-GO. I resigned from my job last week and I was having conflicting ideas about that.

I'm a very loyal person. The job came to me when I was beyond the point of broke and I was on the verge of returning back to L.A. just because I was comfortable there and I know that I wouldn't be without, even if that meant falling back into the nasty cycle I was in. Minus the drama, I enjoyed my job and I knew they enjoyed having me there. In fact they enjoyed having me there so much, I could do anything and they still wanted me. In my mind that was a red flag, because in the long run when people allow you to do whatever, it's like giving someone an inch of rope and they take the yard, eventually hanging themselves. NOT ME, I've been him already.

The job that I accepted was more structured, more secure, more money...and less work...lmao. In a sense.

But what humbled me the most about resigning is that my boss looked at me and said, with tears in her eye, "In all of my 10 years here, you have been the best employee that I've seen. The fact that you're likeable, you get along well with others and you do your job is going to be hard to match." With that one statement, she made up for every single horrible boss that I've had. It erased every single instance of inadequacy I've ever experienced - and for once, I was validated. I've always wanted to hear my boss or anyone for that matter, focus on my good qualities, the ones that I know I possess, the ones that outweigh my bad ones.

It was a hard decision - but in the end...if I ever needed to cross that bridge again, I could - because for once, I didn't burn one. I was telling a friend last night, that's the bigger blessing. It pays to be able to call in a favor, when you have favor.
As I always say, treat people right, never take their dignity and watch how God will bless you. It's that simple.
Oh yeah...say hi to your offices new manager...

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