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The Glamorous Life

Sometimes you can't say anything. Because you're processing. You're trying to make sense of things yourself. Especially when everything is good and it's in your favor.I just want to kinda put on some Rahsaan Patterson, some Brandy, some Lalah Hathaway, a dash of Janet. Some Mint Condition...and just enjoy myself for a minute and appreciate the rich opulence of life: great friends, genuine friends, sincere friends are all around. When money is all around. When you're able to bless others. When  you're able connect with someone with the eyes.

I've missed that about life. I forgot how to do it. But when you do it, it give others a spark of hope. I see it happen all the time. I'm enjoying that. I love it. And I'm not at all sorry about taking this moment to reconnect with other people. Human nature and love is what we're missing. I'm enjoying this...The calm before the storm.

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