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Best of ITMWT: Open Book

Originally Aired as: Season 8 Show 12 11.06.09

Trent talks about the love he has for his young sister and other members in his family. He talks extensively about his personal life as well as makes an announcement regarding his upcoming book project.

Trent's show notes: "You know I opened the show talking about my lip injections. lol. But I immediately go into my sister. That makes this show for me. I love Essence so much, I think about her and get instantly happy sometimes to the point of tears. She is the reason why I strive for excellence. I want her to surpass what I've done - she has so much potential, I see it and I want to ensure that she maximizes it. But other than that I could tell that I was having a good day. I was in a good space - and I was candid. I love myself for that. This was one of the shows that made me realize my potential and how much I've helped other people, when I 'exploit' myself."

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