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Fall's Movement

I am blessed. I am honored. Most importantly I know who I am.

I am an artist. The title of "Writer" and "Author" are too constricting. I do not limit myself to those titles. I'm a creator. I give birth to art. Art takes time. It is a process of experiences. The sum of actions. The finality of understanding. I allow God to use me as a vessel.

I do not force God's will. I do not rush his process. My "control" is limited. I wait for his alignment. I have a divine connection with the universe and with God - and I move when my spirit tells me to. I am in tune with the universe. I strive and live for genuine authenticity.

I am love. I am understanding. I am the struggle. I am the victor. I am made in his image. I stand in the light. I shine bright as the sun. I am the sustenance that drives the earth.

No one does what I do...

Tonight I had the privilege to be among the company of 20 or so young, black, smart, intelligent, gifted, brilliant, amazing, phenomenal, engaging, attractive, balanced, courageous gay men. It was a very amazing gift to be in the company of such an enlightened group of men. For the first time I can say that I've been in a space with other black gay men, where no shade existed. It gave me hope. It kept my ignited fire burning. It inspired me. It was refreshing to see black men in the same environment where no one worried about top or bottom. There was objectifying ourselves to sex. We talked, we laughed, we shared our stories. Our stories of passion, pain, triumph and glory. I am full...

This was a perfect way to start off the week...

I invite everyone to read and listen to my blog this week, as I re-air a few select episodes of my podcast/radio show "In The Mix With Trent." I hope to inspire you all with a few stories of my own that may speak to your situation.

As you start your week - be blessed and "Don't ever let nobody tell you, you ain't strong enough!" Go forth knowing you can and you will win!

I love you for reading, listening and supporting the movement!

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