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Witty Wednesday: The Comeback Campaign. Pay Attention to the message. Not the messenger.

  • November 3rd 2010 I have an announcement to make. Make sure you're at my blog at 12 midnight on this date.
  • You'll always be apart of me, even when you leave, even if you don't acknowledge me. Google proves that. You'll need me for something one day.
  • Can you tell I'm on my period again?
  • I'm like Fantasia, "I ain't gon' beg you."
  • "I'm tryna help Ike."
  • When I'm mistreated, it only fuels my fire.
  • I always win...
  • You really don't know how tired I am of giving advice and being of service to ungrateful people. It's enlightening and entertaining, yet irritating how people come to you seeking your good judgement and superb creative injections, only to pretend that you never helped them or that the fake bitches they parade with, came up with the basis of their creative direction. Where the fuck were they when you were consulting me, the underrated legend? I see I'm gonna have to start reminding bitches who they're mimicking and dealing with. Thank You is free hoe.
  • I finally swallowed my pride, let my balls hang low and made a business contact that I hope pans out for the best.
  • I really need a team thats highly skilled at dealing with people, cause I'm over it. I'd rather just deal with people who I know what I expect and deliver.
  • My fuse is short and I'm the kinda bitch that will get up and walkout of a meeting when you're on that bullshit. I did it today.
  • "Have your answering machine call mine."
  • My manager, my attorney and my assistant.
  • Dealing with stupid, difficult ass people will take you to the highest of heights.
  • Always follow your first mind.
  • as told to me by @BuddahDesmond "This is what happens I guess when dealing with ungrateful, user-friendly people." He ain't never lied, hoes only calling when they want to promote something or ask for a favor.
  • Your name is being burned as we speak.
  • Never ignore your feelings about a person when you first meet them.
  • Haven't they told you the underdog always wins?
  • I have a fine colleague. If there ever came a point in which we were drinking alone, I'd be a #hoe. I'd suck his dick and I may even swallow. Totally against my rules, but there is something about him. He'd have to let me eat and beat tho...straight boys that make too much eye contact, gotta love em!
  • I can't wait to use my waffle iron this weekend. It's gonna be fantastic. I love a waffle.
  • Sometimes you're your own worst enemy.
  • In the same realization, sometimes you have to curse out and go hard on yourself. Especially when you're up to your old way of doing things. We all know that the old way of doing things haven't, won't and will never work.#GiveItUp
  • So, I go to my P.O. Box to pickup my mail and I notice that I have something too large to fit in my box. I'm thinking it's some certified mail from an attorney or something like that. So I waited a couple of days to see if I could channel what it was being sent...I finally went and claimed it. It was my vacation package confirmation from Beaches! I guess it does get better.
  • Um. Not that I'm not "tolerant" or anything like that. But I chose not to support this purple movement today, simply because I'm not going to limit myself to one day of remembering slain gay men who lost their lives because they weren't accepted. I know what that's like. I live my life everyday by being an example on what struggle and progression looks like. In my mind, it's almost like limiting my racial heritage to one month. *Side Bar* I wasn't trying to look like Barney or Grimace either.
  • So none of my work in my online class was saved and it's mid-terms next week? #FML
  • U know Keri Hilson, Ciara, Ashanti, Cassie, Paula Abdul & Rihanna have been burning black candles, holding secret seances performing rituals and chanting 4 the day Beyonce got preggers. Even though their wish maybe granted, don't they know "Ain't nothin' good gonna come to them" when they hoping a bitch fail.
  • I sure did tell my co-worker "I tried to tell you." When my new boss first arrived on the scene, I told everyone he wasn't going to work. I saw it. I saw how he talked AT people, I experienced how he treated me. I gave that 151, Newport-rotten-pussy smelling ass nigga the benefit of the doubt. I have a 6th sense when it comes to reading people and summing them up. I quietly said my grievances, but they were dismissed. Today my co-worker told me some shit he did to her that he did to me...they'll learn to listen. I always have to experience things first. And I always bow down to the people that had to kick in the door for me. Don't let the door hit you in the face...
  • Wait. I am not in compliance with Beyonce having a baby.
  • So, my family will be getting together around Thanksgiving. I'm going to have to deal with my uncle and aunt who've dissed me my entire life. The scene will be very remnant of "Mike" (Shiela's Husband) when he threw all them niggas under the bus in "Why Did I get Married." I just want to say, "Checkmate." I've been waiting to talk shit back to them since I was my sisters age. A whole 21 years. I've got a lot to say.
  • I swear, the HR Department at FedEx only hires attractive, sexy, ruggedly masculine, flirty, sexually ambigously orientated men.
  • Don't call me when the moon starts bleeding. Carry on about your business and remember what Trent Jackson told you. I'm gonna be in Jamaica smoking a spliff, enjoying my sister and not dealing with yall late hoes who discarded the memo.
  •  Pay Attention to the message. Not the messenger.

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