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It's Terence, Trent Jackson if you're nasty.

  • There is nothing wrong for striving and wanting the best.
  • I realize that I have a harder hurtle to overcome, just because I am the one. The catalyst for change.
  • The truth is getting ready to shine brighter than the sun.
  • Love...
  • I can't wait for some of these people to turn on the T.V. and see me on it. Their faces are going to crack worse than the ash on a Nigerians foot.
  • Recognize me while I'm in front of you.
  • Why do I seriously be acting like I ain't got shit to do?
  • I don't understand why niggas keep using my toothpaste and eating my food. Nigga! You have not because you ask not! I mean, seriously, what if I started lacing the shit you keep taking without my permission and you get sick? Think about it.
  • The shit you do to others, keeps you where you are. Your private hell.
  • Pride comes before the fall.
  • My mother is against my liposuction mission this weekend. Yes bitch, I'm getting everything chopped and screwed harder than a T-Pain song, between my neck and waist. How you doin?
  • I keep having bad dreams that I end up like Gloria from "Waiting to Exhale." Down to the pool house, except it's in Bel Air, Ca...lmfao. At least she ends up with the guy that was decent looking. :-/ That's all that matters right? I need to reshuffle this deck...
  • I like to grocery shop...
  • I have legally changed the spelling of my Government name. I am no longer a Jr. Thanks! Give your children their own identities.
  • Watch what you generate and perpetuate.
  • I love a random phone call and or text message.
  • It really is a blessing to know and or have met successful people that you model yourself after.
  • I met Terry McMillan last night. She was everything I expected and more. She's a real person and that was very humbling for me to experience. I'll never forget that. I have a feeling we'll be friends.
  • I really need to check my eating habits. They are fuckin haywire. It's already bad enough, that I'm in a place in my life (fortunately) that I can eat whatever I want, when I want. (It hasn't always been like that. Trust. 
  • I think after this "family trip," which will be more like the Dr. Phil house on overdrive, without the moderation, my eating habits will resume back to normal. By the time you FEEL the weight it's too late..
  • I had a trainer 3 weeks ago.
  • Well, that's why this Beverly Hills Dr. is about to 90210 my ass...then I can skip back to my over-priced penthouse without furniture on Connecticut Avenue NW.
  • I'm depressed...For what though? Ahhh. I get it.
  • #weed is a #TruthSerum and Liquor is #LiquidKnowledge and #LiquidCourage
  • Watch I end up with a pro athlete who thoroughly enjoys my cooking...and my sex! And my decision making. Yup. And doesn't over involve himself in my book writing...but supports what I do. That should have been a #subtweet 
  • I think I'm ready. Been locked up in the house way too long.
  • "Move On Me" By Fantasia makes me want to write a treatment for her video.
  • "What's My Name?" by Rihanna makes me want to dance. That song is sexy for her...didn't she get a 7 album deal with DefJam? 
  • Speaking of that Bajan bitch, she put a spell on me. I loathe her with an antipathetic passion. She snagged me with "Rude Boy" now 6 months later I keep walking around singing, "Oh-na-nah, whats my name?"
  • I loved the video to "What's my name?" It normalized her until that random scene in which she sacrificed herself in front of that bonfire and did spastic dances that were obvious praises to the dark side. #BitchI'mGood
  • Actually that campfire scene in which she ritualistically sacrificed herself, reminded me of Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart.
  • If I couldn't eat bread anymore I think I'd become violent. 
  • "The ring is like a noose around the nuts."
  • Yeah, I'm having major anxiety about facing my uncle and my aunt simultaneously, whom both of which I hate from the furthest base in my scrotum. I just don't like people who don't take responsibility for their actions and then force themselves upon you. NIZZIT....#TryAgain
  • I realize how blessed I am.
  • I'm very grateful for all that God & the universe has bestowed upon me.

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