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Hot dam hoe, here we go again...

  • Hi Guys? Does anyone still read this thing? How was your Thanksgiving?
  • I almost forgot that I'm on my period again. It's always the last week of the month...
  • It's official. I'm over Thanksgiving. I hate turkey, unless it's that HoneyBaked Turkey breast that I don't mind paying for.
  • My liposuction that was scheduled for 11/23/10 was upstaged by family drama....I'll talk about that after I finish processing it. (The family drama)
  • I'd be so annoyed if my boyfriend called me in the middle of the night (2 a.m.) to talk on the phone...especially if I said I'm sleep. 
  • I got invited to a party last night. I appreciate when people invite me places. My attorney and I went, mingled and conquered.
  • I know they're waiting for it.
  • Do people think I'm stupid? I guess. If you challenge me...know what you're getting yourself into.
  • I didn't watch all of the Soul Train Awards because I was catching up on DVR stuff. But when did R. Kelly get cakes like that?
  • I think it's safe to say that I don't ever remember R. Kelly or any other pedophile look that good. My loins were frothing at the sight of him. He turned me on so much, I almost pulled my dick out and started beating it right in my attorney's living room. :-/
  • Speaking of DVR, I finally saw Oprah interview Michael Jackson's momma. Oprah is clearly tired after 25 years. Katherine Jackson is a gag! It was like watching two girl friends, especially when Katherine told Oprah, "It was more than two. He was just embarrassed to tell you how many it was." Girl...we not gonna even get on Joe Jackson. But Blanket is his child, the other two are imposter's. 
  • The truth of the matter is, that my family has never supported me the way that I needed them to. I think I've finally accepted that. I'm emotionally over them...I feel nothing when it comes to them.
  • I hate having a's always dramatic. Blood, congestion, muscle pain and a bad batch of Theraflu. Besides, that Mucinex did nothing for me.
  • Drugs don't make me feel good anymore.
  • One of my roommates is a conniving, opportunistic, selfish, scathing, pathetic, two-faced, triflin, unbalanced asshole...just like most Libras. I despise him and I wish he'd do himself a favor and stop pretending to like me. I'm a big boy. I can handle a muthafucka not talking to me.
  • This has been a true transitional year.
  • I'm not disappointed in myself for aiming for a 2.0 GPA this semester. The shit that I've accomplished and had to juggle this year alone...I shouldn't have even been enrolled in school, let alone made it to the end of the semester.
  • I need to find a therapist quick. I'm starting to isolate myself again.
  • I'm done dealing with people who try to make me feel bad by saying "You think you know everything." No, I don't think I know everything, you think I know everything which is why you're always asking me to think and do shit for you - and get mad at me because you couldn't figure it out yourself. 
  • I'm so tired of having to deal with everyone else's problems.
  • If you don't have the capacity to tell me the truth, don't engage me.
  • After this last family gathering, I'm gonna sit out and skip the next few family events. Sorry. I don't have the emotional energy needed to complete those missions.
  • It's really time to upgrade my social network. Clearly it's all about who you know. People need to know me and I need to know them.
  • Last week, I had sex in L.A. That is one thing I miss about L.A. Something about L.A. niggas that get me going...nothing like L.A. swagg. Gave me just what I needed.
  • I love Nordstrom's shoe department. I did a total of how much I gave them in the month of November. Clearly that is somebodies rent payment and car payment combined. 
  • No Christmas gifts will be given this year. I'm the only recipient of my money.
  • I'm becoming more selfish...I see it.
  • I am so tired of traveling on planes...Last Friday I flew from the east coast to LAX to Canada back to LA back to the east coast. As my uncle said, "Your frequent flier account is going to be off the chain." Isn't it always? I have him to partially thank.
  • If you're going to talk shit to me, make sure you have your facts straight. Because I have no problem snatching your dignity and making you feel like shit...isn't that what you're trying to do to me? 
  • I'm very close to finally separating myself from Los Angeles. Who knew it would take this long?
  • Don't get mad at me because I force you to be responsible.
  • I've almost been living on the east coast for a year now.
  • I didn't think it would happen, but life is starting to harden me.
  • "Can't Be Friends" by @TreySongz is heavy in rotation.
  • Young boys (21-23) no longer interest me. I've never been a fan of bare pubes bitch. Don't get it twisted. No pedophile over here.
  • Speaking of young boys...they always seem to think I'm their age. I mean I guess it's a compliment, but Daddy is pushing 30. You will get eaten and beaten...I've been known to make niggas climb walls while my tongues are inside of them...lmao. 
  • I finally saw "For Colored Girls" yall fags need to shut the fuck up and get your DL panties out of a bunch. 
  • Mid-Terms were two weeks ago. Why am I still working on my take home mid-term? 
  • One day, you'll get what I've been trying to tell you. Then you'll understand why I don't fuck with these undiagnosed people.


Dwayne Ander:Sun said...

i still read your blog Trent. I've been reading since '06. I very much enjoy your writing. Its witty, its engaging, its accessible, and it always brings a smile to my face. Dont let life harden you papo, i've been there. Sometimes erecting walls feels like the only modality one can use to function in the BS life can present, but just keep writing. Write for the little boy inside. Im sure he sings and dances when you put pen to paper. And when we tend to and nuture those innocent and sacred aspects of ourselves, life tends to unfold and work out in a peaceful and balanced way. We unconsciously create win/win situations. So I send you love-n-light and encouragement. Onward and upward. The world Needs you and what you have to say.


Dubbed As Trent Jackson said...

Thanks Dwayne! :-D You're right...putting up the walls, or "closing the gates to the estate" (as I call it) is the only way to function sometimes...temporarily at least!

Happy Holidays and thank you very much for your support over the past 4 years! Thank you for reading. Thank you for your compliment - and thank you for your inspiration.

D-Place said...

I still read your blog. Just letting you know. HOpe you're well.