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"Easier Said than Done" The New Single from Rahsaan Patterson

There are very FEW artists that exist today. They are a rare breed of species that only are spotted by their authenticity. Rahsaan Patterson has not only honed, maintained and sharpened his craft - but  he has taken it to stratospheric level that most dream about, especially while maintaining that pronounced individuality that made us like him in the first place.

His new single, "Easier Said than Done" is classic Rahsaan with a grounded futuristic twist. At the drop of the track, you’re easily taken back to your favorite childhood video game. Then you’re riding high on that trademark multi-layered percussion and BAM! He sucks you in.

“Easier Said than done” is a track that is multi-faceted as its predecessors. The track can easily fit into your Friday night soundtrack, your Saturday morning clean up or workout routine, your Sunday lounge day and the song that gets you through the hustle and bustle of the work week. It’s a fun, carefree vibe that makes you move. There is that magic touch from Rahsaan that evokes this subtle sexiness that makes you want to just groove to yourself and not give a shit who’s looking. It’s the current in mostly all of mid to up-tempo songs.

In this track he successfully combines a heavy bass line that you can feel move through your veins while incorporating sounds that most would find annoying – only because most people are ineffective at using them, Rahsaan’s usage is creatively aligned to perfection, while bringing a new spin to the “R&B” brand. “Easier Said than Done” is like the perfect glass of lemonade on a summer day; it’s refreshing, it’s soothing and its sustaining. His genius is the ability to tell a story lyrically, embellishing it vocally while musically taking you on a journey out of this galaxy at a rapid pace.

Rahsaan knows what he's good at and he maximizes it. As soon as you hear him open his mouth, there is no question about who it is singing. He's more than vocally consistent. He has successfully imprinted his sound that no one can ever duplicate. He doesn’t have to go through great lengths to prove his vocal ability – we know that, but he really shows that by simply “singing the song” without all of these vocal calisthenics and studio tricks.

“Easier Said than Done” marks the jump off point for the return of feel good music and the return of an authentically, creative artist we call Rahsaan Patterson.

Checkout "Easier Said than Done" it's also available on  I-Tunes

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