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Fighting For What's Right

I hate it when I am faced with a tough decision. Not that I'm not capable of making sound and logical decisions, I just hate it is because people have a hard time dealing with and accepting the truth.

I'm the office manager at my job. I'm 28 years old and I'm a black male. (Let the point of that sink in.) Every day my fight to be taken seriously gets harder and it doesn't help that I already have a carefree and laid back attitude. People not only misinterpret that as a sign of weakness but also a lack of interest for my job. My point is, if I didn't want to be here, I wouldn't have applied and I damn sure wouldn't get up in the morning to come in. If you didn't know, I'm not a morning person.

This all takes me back to March of this year, when I initially applied for this position. I had just moved to the area and while I was desperate to start working and setup my new life, I was faced with opposition. I had a panel interview, just like the ones I conduct when we're hiring a new person to come on board to the office. I knew that I had wowed and dazzled all 7 of the stiff fuckers, but I also knew that I didn't get the job. I didn't reduce it to me being black, I didn't reduce it to me being gay, hell, I didn't even reduce it to being plump (people do use these things against you). I didn't know why. But I did find out 4 months later, when the person with 20 years experience didn't work out at all.

Which brings me to one of my co-workers, "Larry Hoover". One of 5 black males in my office. He's another one that they don't take serious. He's the one I'm closest to in the office. A network position came up for grabs and he applied. There were a total of about 8 applicants, four internal and 4 external. I reviewed all the resumes and picked the ones with the best qualifications. Only one of the external candidates were solid and quite naturally all of the internal applicants were qualified. I'm cordial with all of them except for the one they were raving about. I hadn't really worked with him (he works in a remote location) and I didn't know much about him. I didn't hold it against him either. In fact I was excited that one of the Latin guys, Don Julio was applying he's really nice and I personally like him, just as much as I like Larry Hoover.

Yesterday the interviews went down for the internal applicants. All day practically, Don Julio sucked (and I feel bad because he's so nice), the guy that they were raving about, the 60 year old white man who I call Mr. Rogers, he sucked the most out of them all! You can't bullshit a bullshitter Mr. Rogers! "The King of Zamunda" this Nigerian guy was a solid choice (aren't they always?) and out of all the applicants, Larry Hoover interviewed the best out of them all. Not only was he articulate, he was knowledgeable, trainable, had the customer service background and hands down fit the mold of what exactly they were looking for. Hell, he surprised the hell out of me! And it takes a lot to move me. But of course, they wanted to go with their friend, Mr. Rogers who grossly lacked the network experience but excelled on the customer service side, with 10 years of experience. The first red flag, why after 10 years of being in one position are you just now trying to move up? It doesn't take that long to want to advance yourself in life. Let the bullshit begin.

I have a nice background in HR. I've done full cycle recruiting (sourcing, interviewing and hiring) I've done some employee relations stuff, the whole nine, so I know how to read people applying for jobs extremely well. Not only that, I've held a lot of positions, so it's easy to spot someone who's serious and who's not about having a job. This is what I do, tell people of who the best fit is for the position. Insert logical argumentative skills here.

I initially sat down with both heads of the department. I asked them what they were looking for. The really couldn't articulate it. So as I'm listening to them tell me what they are looking for, (while calling them inarticulate pricks in my head) I spit back, "So you're looking for a multi-tasker, self-driven, results oriented individual who prioritizes, understands and processes information who can also work within the chain of command". They were silent for about 30 seconds. Staring like a deer in headlights. Then they respond, "Wow you're good." I wanted to tell them try having sex with me, but the last thing I need is a suit for sexually harassing an old white man. Still to this day, it baffles me that people aren't use to interacting with a person with intelligence. You'd think I'd be used to it by now.

When I'm right, I'm right and I know it. I possess an intense passion that I'm sure comes off as aggression. But I see whats getting ready to happen. They think they have problems now, they should have learned when they hired the woman that was in my position before me. She 20 years of experience but the bitch fucked up so much shit, I spent my first 90 days, which was only a month ago, cleaning up her mess that she created over a four month period, go figure! I can't just let this slide by me and allow them to fuck up the office dynamic and work load because it's their friend. Their mistake could have a devastating snowball effect. So now I'm faced with the choice of fighting for whats right, which can be a tricky thing in corporate America the government system or just sit back and teach them a lesson and revel in the fact that "I told them so". Either way it goes, I'll still have to do some clean up. But do I want to clean up my mess or theirs? Seeing that I was hired to come in and clean up someone else's mess, we already know how these cards are going to fall.

The hardest, but the easiest pill to swallow is that at the end of the day, in their eyes I'm still an over-paid, glamorized receptionist. But we all know that receptionist is really the one who runs the show, let that bitch that answers the phone (even though I don't) call out and see what happens.

People can say and think whatever they want about you. But as long as you know who you are and you're getting paid well enough to do what the fuck you wanna do, play that game and live your life while doing what you can when you can. Part of being responsible is playing the game and shutting the fuck up, even if it's a hard thing to do.

But I'm getting ready to write and send the memo that states: Hi my name is Trent Jackson! I excel at everything I do, I get what I want and I always win. Nice to make your acquaintance.

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