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I don't like flexing, but I will.

As most of you know I'm an office manager glamorized receptionist for a Government agency. I love my job and I'm so very blessed to be in this position.
Along with being the office manager comes a certain level of authority. The best thing about my job is the sharpening of my people skills. Being in this position has shown me that I am liked, I'm personable, easy to get a long with and easy to confide in. I'm a perfect fit for this position and because I am comfortable with where I am at and the way things are going, my guards have to be up. Because there are always snakes in the grass. I've finally got the grasp of balance.

Earlier this month I told you about some office drama with interviews. Well, they decided on an external candidate, which was whatever - but it still was shitty because if you have qualified people in house then why seek help outside? **ENTER OFFICE MANAGER TRENT JACKSON**

I see the shit happening as it's going down - and I can not be an innocent observer when people are being fucked in the ass with no lube. So what did I do? I waited until my boss, who we'll call Mr. Niggadamus Jones, went on vacation to set up the perfect ambush. Read my email to the director of my organization, who happens to love my ass like his favorite dish...#nohomo

Good Afternoon Jay -

I hope all is well on your end. In confidence, I just wanted to bring a few things to your attention. For starters, I just want you to know that I really hate composing emails of this nature, but I cannot allow things to get worse or even let things go unspoken, that I feel are inappropriate. A lot of what I’m bringing up in this email represents both facts and opinions, while I will keep my opinions limited – the things that I want to bring to your attention affect the entire office.

Over the past couple of weeks as I am sure you know we have been interviewing for our LAN Position as well as a Program Manager for the Securities division. While I understand that I do not make final hiring decisions, I am noticing that candidates are not being judged completely on their abilities and merits. This becomes a bit problematic for me, particularly when internal applicants are interviewed. It sends a damming signal to other employees within the agency who want to move up when the opportunity arises – that opportunity should not be shot down because of office politics or because of SES' who have infrequent interaction with candidates. The bottom line tension is brewing because an external candidate has been considered and persons in the Executive Office don’t have any qualms about letting that fact be known. Because of my position as the office manager I have privy to a lot of information that the Executive Office will never have, simply because they are not receptive enough to even have a conversation with their employees and to be frank they are out of touch. I find myself listening to employees vent about their issues with the Executive Office and furthermore, whenever there is a conflict, because of my position, I have to mediate - it's procedure. At this point I am trying to avoid a massive train wreck. I will say that I did bring these matters to Jan and because of her position she can only do so much. But she has been helpful, she has listened and taken into consideration my concerns. They did not fall on deaf ears.

To be frank, Mr. Niggadamus Jones, creates an extremely hostile work environment. Speaking on behalf of internal and external applicants, there have been a total of 5 complaints made to me, specifically regarding Mr. Niggadamus Jones inappropriate comments, body language and overall attitude during the interviewing process. All of the candidates have expressed their disenchantment with his intimidation tactics, his belittlement and his outright disrespect to candidates’ level of intelligence during the interview process.

Earlier this week I witnessed the most degrading comment come out of Mr. Niggadamus Jones, mouth during an interview with a candidate. Mr. Niggadamus Jones, posed the question “Where do you see yourself in one to five years?” The candidate paused and replied “In a senior network position, etc.” He responds, “Well what are you doing to get there? Are you taking classes, etc?” The candidate responded, “I’m not taking classes because my job situation is unstable. However does the agency offer tuition reimbursement?” Mr. Niggadamus Jones,  abrasively responded, “Well I see you don’t have any real goals – and it doesn’t matter if the agency offers tuition reimbursement, you’re not anywhere close to asking those types of questions.” I was stunned – and moments after Mr. Niggadamus Jones,  responded, after already coming into the interview 30 minutes late, the interview was completed moments after that. I ended up being dismissed with the candidate and I had to apologize to the candidate for Mr. Niggadamus Jones, rude, insensitive and inappropriate remarks. The candidate was affected by his comments after already having a rough interview. It bothered me that a potential employee was already being treated poorly. I cannot let that go unexcused.

Friday, December 17th, 2010 after our all hands meeting, another candidate came in for an interview. As soon as she exited her interview, she came into my office to get her parking card validated. She posed the question, “How can you work for him? He’s such an asshole.” She began to tell me that Mr. Niggadamus Jones, asked her a question and told her, “You’re not answering the question the way I want you to. Let me rephrase it, you obviously don’t understand what I’m asking you.” She basically told him, “Let’s move on to another question.” Something is wrong with this picture. His actions, behaviors need to be corrected on some level. His interpersonal skills are unacceptable and he has an extremely difficult time interacting and speaking with office staff. In all honesty, no one in this office wants to deal with him. We all have to come up with a strategy to deal with him daily. Not only is he against change, most of our ideas, suggestions are immediately shot down. In addition his micromanaging and creation of additional work that we are not accustomed to is teetering on the line of excessive.

In regards to our internal applicants – he drug them through a strenuous, combative, uncomfortable, degrading, insulting and uninformative interview process that left them not only uninterested but unsure of where they stood - and it is obviously clear that the internal applicants can thank him for the ride nowhere. Overall it is unbearably difficult to watch co-workers be mistreated. Then the agony of them venting to me infuriates me, because I too have been at the receiving end of Mr. Niggadamus Jones, nature.

My intent has never been to rock the boat in this office – however the waves that are hitting the people that keep this office running are beginning to chip away at their exteriors. I watch the process happen daily. I can only speak to the difference in morale and the environment since Mr. Niggadamus Jones,  arrival. The decline is tremendously obvious and it’s tragic that people who don’t work here and are completely foreign to him, make comments about his attitude and the way he interacts with people.

In closing, please understand that I just want you to be aware of the conditions in our working environment. I am usually armed with a solution when I am discussing a problem, but because this issue is with a manager and is sensitive in nature I don’t know the process, if there is one for this to be addressed. All in all I want to enhance our work environment and fully utilize my background to the best of my abilities. I feel that this is being somewhat limited due to the tone that Mr. Niggadamus Jones, has set. I have no problem speaking to your further about my concerns and maybe even offer solutions that I think would benefit everyone at large.

Respectfully Submitted,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mr. Niggadamus Jones!

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STFULoveShawn said...

you nailed it. i wonder what he's getting you for xmas?