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Is Christmas Over Yet bitch?

  • Girl, Raz-B is just mad cause she got run through all them times and still ended up broke. #JesusWasNotPleased
  • There is nothing you can do for internal hemorrhoids. And to think I've never been fucked in my ass. UGH!
  • My early morning sex session, ended up being a therapy session. This must be some type of sign that I should drop out of Law School and get a degree in therapy. He kept asking me was he attractive!? WTF I look like fuckin' with a ugly muthafucka, I'm just saying. He has a nice nose....he is a cute guy.
  • He ate my ass right and touched every one of my spots. It's like he intuitively knew what to do to me...he almost had me giving up my ass.
  • I'm versatile. I just haven't been fucked yet. If were not married or close to it...TRY AGAIN.
  • Speaking of my early morning sex session, I hate it when I know I'm performing and a muthafucka tells me to stop cause he's not ready to nut. Nigga, don't get mad because I made you nut quicker than the last three niggas and two bitches that sucked your dick :-/ Bend over and take this dick!
  • Any homosexual under the age of 25 is doomed. LMAO...yall fags could learn a lot from me and @GaryTylone but yall too fuckin stupid to listen. Take a clue bitch.
  • I fucked the shit out of that Trinidadian! Who knew they took dick!!??
  • I'm going to take that one particular boy on a date. I have plans for him...or us I should say. Even though that sounds real stalker like, I could enhance his life in so many ways.
  • Christmas wasn't that bad. I channeled all of those emotions into a character named Darryl Manning. Yall are going to love him!
  • I didn't ask for anything for Christmas because I didn't want to be let down. I was let down anyway. No one ever thinks of me, but it's okay for me to give, give, give...but the thing about giving is that you don't do it to get anything back. Peter Gebeshian taught me that. What people don't understand is that when you give, when you need something the most, you always get it, thus you're never in need of anything...
  • I am sick and tired of these faggots. Tisk, tisk, tisk...then they'll complain that they're underrepresented, mistreated, misunderstood and mad cause no one respects them. Then when they get someone to represent, treat them right and understand them, they don't know how to act. Girl sit down!
  • I need to find a travel partner! No one is down to travel and have fun anymore! Boo...
  • Bow down Bitch!
  • When I was insecure, I thought everyone hated me cause I was gay and fat. In reality, if I'm comfortable so is everyone else. Love yourself bitches! I love grabbing my man boobs.
  • My booty is definitely bigger...and I can pull yo' nigga but I don't want him.
  • Bitch, I was devastated when Teena Marie died! I thought Twitter was lying again. Then I called one of Teena's close friends - and when she picked up the phone crying I knew...
  • I live an amazingly rich life. I had the pleasure of meeting Teena and hanging out with her on a few occasions. I even went to a couple of her birthday parties. She was real as shit.
  • It's funny how you admire someone growing up. Listening to their music, reading their books, watching their movies - next thing you know, you're at their house eating dinner or partying with them...
  • I'm blessed. When you treat people with respect, acknowledge what you've done, you're honest, and you matter what happens God will always make a way.
  • I never told anyone this, but when I first moved from L.A. I did it with $50 dollars in my pocket. I was broke. I lost everything. My car, my apartment, my mind. GONE! I was at a dead end. I was tired. My walls were closing in and I had come close to death too many times in Los Angeles, I had to leave. I used my frequent flier miles to move to the east coast. I didn't tell anyone what I was doing except for two people. There were days where I went without eating. I didn't have a place to live. I second guessed myself for moving without a concrete plan. I cried for days at a time, not knowing where anything was coming from. Here I was broke, abandoned, confused...but there was something that kept me going. And a year later...everything has turned around. If it were not for my manager who kept me together and the people that God put in my path to make sure I didn't break, I don't think I would have made it. When I needed something the most...
  • In retrospect, all the negative shit that I've been through, doesn't even matter. I'm blessed to still be living. To still be creating...
  • Never give up on life, even when you think it has given up on you...did you get that?
  • Keep going, when you have nothing left - just will come to you.
  • All you have to do is get up.
  • I have a lot to talk about regarding "Pop Life" - I can't wait to dish tea. A few things I've learned during this process:
    • You can't take everyone with you.
    • Everyone isn't on your team.
    • People will say they are down - and they're not.
    • Everyone doesn't come in peace.
    • Even when you're intentions are nothing but pure and u want to help people, people still find something wrong with it.
    • You have to let people "be."
  • Actions speak louder than words.
  • If people don't take the initiative don't fuck with them.
  • People fail to realize that I provide opportunties that help them. They always want to board the train midway during the trip.
  • I see a lot of talented gay kids...they'll never do anything positive with it because their attitude stinks. They lack work ethic. They don't believe in hard work. They are only concerned about 3 things: Rihanna, Sex and clothes. I wasn't like that...and still not. Yes I'm judging.
  • I'm successful. Not very many people can say that.
  • I got four offers to lunch before stock is rising.
  • I understand hurt, I understand pain. I understand bitterness. I've been all of those things. But I eventually came to a crossroad: live in anger for the rest of my life or take a chance and see what happens.
  • Let Go!
  • Let people plot. They are only short changing themselves.
  • I'm no longer going to force it. Everything will come together at it's own time.
  • Life is what you make it.
  • Never give up on your dreams.
  • Look in the mirror and say, "Damn you look good."
  • Even in complete darkness, there is always a pinhole of light. Keep looking at it.

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Gary T. P. said...

Remember years ago when ppl got mad when we shouted each other out in our blogs???? LOL!! U are too much...